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Kelly Clarkson Ranks Halloween Candy

To promote her talk show, Kelly was given a halloween bucket full of different candy and told to rank it.

Here's how it went down.

Good & Plenty-Kelly (and OP) had never heard of this candy. She says it looks like a giant tic tac, takes a bite and visibly cringes as she realizes it's licorice flavored. It goes in the bad pile.

Milky Way-An old favorite of Kelly's, she praised the caramel and nougat yumminess. It went into the awesome pile.

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup-Another for the awesome pile.

Candy Corn- Kelly loves candy corn and gets into a mini argument with an off camera producer who tells her that candy corn is disgusting and controversial. She puts it into the awesome pile.

Butterfingers- Kelly praises butterfingers, but says that she doesn't like how they get stuck in your teeth. She puts it in the middle pile.

Swedish Fish- Kelly is confused by swedish fish, seems like she has never seen them before. She spits it out and will not eat it. It goes into the bad pile.

M&M's- Kelly likes the "most basic candy." It goes into the awesome pile.

Skittles- Right off the bat Kelly says "not a huge skittles fan." She puts them in the middle pile.

Mounds- They go into the awesome pile.

Twizzlers- Kelly tells a short story about how at her first job at a movie theater she liked to use a twizzler as a straw in her coke to give it a hint of cherry. It goes into the awesome pile.

Tootsie Roll- They go into the bad pile.

Kit Kat-Straight into the awesome pile.

Ultimate Winner- Mounds (...)
Ultimate Loser- Good & Plenty

Tis the season for candy posts. ONTD, what's your favorite part of Halloween?


Tags: food / food industry, holiday, kelly clarkson

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