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The View: Victoria Beckham, Impeachapalooza, Common, Hot Topic

Panel is Joy, Abby, Ana, Sunny. (Whoopi and Meghan are off today)

Victoria Beckham

Victoria is promoting her new makeup line Victoria Beckham Beauty

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[She’s lovely]

Joy is sickly, didn’t hug. Says it’s been 9 years since Posh was on. Didn’t have Harper at the time, boys were young. She’s been married 20 years. Joy wonders what attracted her to him lol. Says he’s a wonderful husband and fantastic father. Says she’s lucky to have David as her soulmate. Shows FBF photos. Abby marvels at her businesses and her four kids. And now Brooklyn is 20 and she’s watching his life in the public eye. V talks about social media and how it’s different for young people, even liking a photo can have consequences.

Sunny likes her fashion, she’s wearing an outfit by VB line, likes the fabric and how the cuts are suited for women. V says first she liked to empower girls through music, now it’s empowering girls through fashion and beauty. Talks her evolution to fashion. Great silhouettes. Sunny likes the cinching and darting! V says she’s been photographed so much over the years, she learned what looks good and feels good. V talks about being inclusive. Ana is friends with Eva Longoria, who is bff with V. Talks about her makeup line. Clean makeup, kind to faces, kind to environment, inclusive for everyone. Started with eyes, moved to lips. Talks how sweet Eva is, helping promo her products. Abby stans the Spice Girls, she dressed as Posh. If they were hot today, what would that be. V says they’d be the same, accepting who you are, supporting other women. Being positive, having fun. [She’s good at staying on topic, diverts back to makeup line]. Says face cream won’t get rid of wrinkles, but it complements who you are and helps you feel good about yourself.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Icymi Acting Chief of Staff Mulvaney admitted to withholding military aid from Ukraine in return for political investigation of the Bidens and of the 2016 election (perpetuating the fake myth that Ukraine was somehow involved in what Russia actually did). Then he said, I have news for everybody, Get Over It.

Plays clip. Quid pro quo quid pro quo quid pro quo. Ana says we’re not going to get over it. It’s illegal, it’s impeachable, it’s a campaign finance violation. Joy thinks he’s just handed the impeachment to the House. Abby says the guy behind Jon Karl (ABC WH reporter) was like Bruh 😲. [Shows photo] Abby says Rudy Colludy is being investigated by the SDNY. Irony, he used to run it, now he’s the suspect. Ana says Rudy took one of the now-arrested Ukraine thugs to Bush41 funeral. Sunny says, before it was being denied, but now it’s admitted. Abby thinks it’s still not enough for Senate to remove. Ana says this was a gaffe by Mulvaney, but the ongoing testimony is giving them more legitimate evidence.

TRE45ON is holding the next G-7 at his resort in Miami in June. His resort isn’t doing well, losing money, that time is also during low season. Claims that he won’t profit is a big lie. He’s been violating the emoluments clause ad infinitum. Abby says that won’t move the needle, but brings up Mattis speaking last night @ 74th Annual Alfred E Smith Memorial Foundation. Plays clip. Abby talks about the respect for Gen. Mattis and how the military is ashamed at what Tr/mp is doing. Sunny says people in middle America who don’t have money and working multiple jobs are mad that TRE45ON is using the oval office to grift America.

Hot Topic Happy Birthday to Sunny

The panel comes out to I’m Every Woman. The barn on the table with the chicken is a cake! Joy says it’s rude to ask a lady her age but Sunny tells everyone! She’s 51 yrs old. Abby thinks she looks incredible. Joy talks about Suzanne Somers who is 73 yrs old and did a nude photo shoot in the woods. Shows photo. Sunny says Nope. She had a hard time turning 50 but at 51 she feels great says nice things about her life. Ana talks about Sunny’s great life. Sunny says she came from the south Bronx projects and she worked really hard and if she can be sitting there, then that brings hope to others. Abby asks what Manny (her husband) would think. Sunny says he’s the love her life and he’d like her to be naked all the time. Ana says if you do that photo shoot, make sure there’s no poison ivy.

Hot Topic Common Performs for Sunny

He’s promoting his new album Let Love. First clip he talks about being a father and his relationship with his daughter.

Second clip he performs one of his new songs My Fancy Free Future Love, but changes up a verse for Sunny on her birthday

/Low-key show today

Ontd do you admit to a crime and then say Get Over It?

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