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John Boyega to Star in Netflix Sci-Fi Feature 'They Cloned Tyrone'

It's described as 'Friday-meets-Get Out'

"They Cloned Tyrone" is sci-fi mystery caper, in which an unlikely trio investigates a series of eerie events, alerting them to a nefarious conspiracy lurking directly beneath their hood, which sounds almost like the spiritual successor of 'Attack The Block'.

Tyrone will mark the directorial debut of Creed 2 writer Juel Taylor, with filming beginning in the first quarter of 2020 for Netflix (😐)

Brian Tyree Henry ("Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse") was reportedly in negotiations earlier this year.

Other Boyega fans will know that we are still waiting to see 'A Naked Singularity', 'Hold Back The Stars', and 'Small Axe', but we can see him again in "Star Wars Episode 9: The Rise of Skywalker".

Tags: film - in development, john boyega, netflix

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