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ONTD Original: 10 Dance Dance Revolution Songs That Everyone Should Try

Finally, I clear out my inbox.  You know what that means, right?  A new original!  :D

Along with being a huge RPG fan, I love DDR.  Few weeks ago, I was at a con, they had a DDR machine.  While I can't Heavy mode songs like when I was younger (my knee won't let me), I still work it in Standard like no business.

OP's Note:  This song is my go to when I start.  Not to hard, not to easy...just right slip right into the game.  It always such a fun song.
OP's Highest Level:  Heavy (A)

End of Century
By: No. 9
OP's Note:  I love End of Century but it is a tough song that will kick your butt.  I call it the song that you want other people to play so you can hear the music.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (D)

Speed Over Beethoven
By:  Rose
OP's Note:  I love the song but not a fan of the arrow combination that goes along with it.  So, I tend not to play it a lot compare to others on the list.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (AA)

Butterfly (Orginal Ver.)
OP's Note:  There are a few different versions of the song spread out on different games.  I always prefer the orginal since that the first one I played.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (AA)

You're Not Here
By;  Heather
OP's Note:  I tend to do this song early.  Why?  It requires focus especially in Stanard/Heavy Mode with some tricky steps in the middle of the song.  So, do it in Light mode.  You will thank me later.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (AA)

Your Rain (Rage Mix)
By:  Akira Yamaoka ft. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
OP's Note:  I love this song but hate how slow the arrows are (no matter how much I speed it up).  It is also a song that I suggest for beginner players because of those arrow movements.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (C)

Jet World
By:  Mutsohiku Izumi
OP's Note:  Along with Crash!, this is my go to song to get me in the mood.  Even in light mode, this song requires pratice because of the speed of the arrows.  I still adore this song to pieces.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (AA)

By:  DJ Amuro
OP's Note:  After you get a little pratice in, definately try this song.  It is a beautiful song and his other songs equally so, A and AAA (Yes, he named them that.)
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (A)

Kick the Can
By:  Bus Stop
OP's Note:  It is a fun song that I tend to suggest to beginners.  Not to slow, and not to fast.
OP's Highest Level:  Standard (AA)

Ordinary World
OP's Note:  I will always have a soft spot for this song because it was my first AA.  It is fairly easy song to pick up and follow along.
OP's Highest Level:  Heavy (AA)

ONTD, What is your favorite DDR song?

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