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The View: James Spader, Breast Cancer Month, Hot Topics

James Spader

James Spader is promoting his show The Blacklist

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi mentions seeing him at Tribeca Film Festival and how much he loves Halloween. James said it came to a tragic end, raising kids for 30 yrs, his youngest is 11 yrs old. Last year was the first year his youngest say Nah dad you don’t have to go with me (kid trick or treats in their building, so it’s safe without parents). Talks more about Halloween without parents. Joy brings up Sex, Lies and Videotape which was the same time of Rob Lowe’s sex tape. Now sex tapes are everywhere. Joy wonders if it was a trend. James laughs, doesn’t think there is a story there. Talks about getting it out of his system.

Meghan says he tends to gravitate towards bad boy roles, lists several of them. James says the roles gravitate to him. Says sometimes it’s where other people turned down the role. Talks a bit about Secretary. He looked past the sex part and thought it was a sweet love story. Films let you go places in a fictional realm that you don’t go there in your real life. Sunny says she loves The Blacklist. Says they may be blowing up a car in her driveway for the next episode. It’s been 7 years, but still there are questions about his character’s true identity. James talks about the writing and so on. Whoopi says there’s never a dull moment watching him as an actor.

Hot Topic Joy is Back

She went to London for holiday. She was pick-pocketed in Harrods. Sunny said the same thing happened while she was in London. Joy went to the Churchill War Rooms (museum). Tells details. She went to see Ian McCellen but didn’t understand a word he said (due to accent). Joy took Meghan’s headband, Meghan wants it back, they banter. Meghan says she can have it. Shows atm that used to be the old red phone booth. Joy says Whoopi should get one and put it in her yard (lol). Whoopi said she used to have one of the black cab taxis. But you have to do too much, because it’s not made for left-side driving. Meghan asked if Joy watched Loose Women (the Brit version of The View, but they don’t talk politics). Joy said she didn’t watch tv, but said she heard the panel kicked Rand Paul’s ass.

Hot Topic RIP Elijah Cummings

See related post here by inkstainedlips

Whoopi shares the news, calls Cummings an extraordinary statesmen. No one really knew he was sick. Meghan called him a lion, an institution, condolences to his family and staff. Sunny says Stephanie Rawlings-Blake (Fmr Mayor Baltimore) is one of her best friends, who is close with his wife, so she knew he was ill, but not this ill. Says everyone in Baltimore is so devastated, as he was very active and a fierce advocate for Baltimore. Abby felt everything about him was about a human connection, mentions his friendship with Mark Meadows. Plays clip, the next day Tlaib and Meadows hugged on the House floor. Whoopi says the best way to pay homage to him is to comport ourselves better even when we don’t agree. Let’s try to be better.

Hot Topic #NancyOwnsTrump

Yesterday was something else

Icymi: The House voted 354-60 including 2/3rd GOP for resolution condemning TRE45ON military action in Syria, abandoning the Kurds. The House requested from the WH an explanation and plan for what they will do to resolve the issues. The WH called a meeting, in which Pouty McFussypants™ had a meltdown, resulting in the WH Photographer taking the iconic photo of Pelosi standing up to TRE45ON. Among other noteworthy remarks, she said all roads through you lead to Putin.

Whoopi gives background. Plays clip. [the clip is funny, her smirk]. TRE45ON is all No I’m Not, What Are You. Shows photo. Sunny says she looks like a boss, not melting down at all, why is she the only woman at the table. Joy points out the generals on the far right end are bowing their heads. Abby is tired of living a reality show. Sunny brings up the ~letter to Erdogan. Abby brings up Tr/mp insult to Mattis. Joy talks about being in London @ Churchill War Rooms and got in an argument with Tr/mp supporter. He wanted Joy to give Tr/mp a chance like people did Obama. Joy rants as to why that was stupid. Sunny goes back to the letter and how utterly ridiculous it was. Meghan says social media has all the atrocities that’s happening in Syria [don’t search for it, the photos and videos are truly horrid]. Talks about the military idolizing Mattis, and says Tr/mp is threatened by great generals, Joy chimes in -also women. Meghan said it was deeply sexist to say about Pelosi*. Whoopi calls him out. He made a decision to pull the troops out, then pretend he didn’t do this. Grow a pair. [And they are not coming ‘home’ they were sent to Saudi Arabia]. Whoopi drags Tr/mp and Pence, YOU did this.

*Ftr Meghan tweeted in support of Pelosi re/photo

Hot Topic Mother Shares Breast Cancer Journey

Warning, this is a sad segment

Whoopi says knowledge is power, early detection can mean life and death. Intros Summer (a segment producer), after successful treatment, wanted to pay it forward. Meets Sarah Weimer, mother of 6 children, who was similar age and diagnosed about the same time. Interviews Sarah, who talks her journey pre-recorded with Summer, then joins the panel live. She regrets waiting 4 mos before looking into changes she noticed, talks about how being a mom, life gets away from you, you take care of others before you think of yourself. She had six rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, just received another setback. Now detected cancer in lymph nodes, so she’ll go through chemo again. Sarah’s sister is in the audience, has been her rock. Abby gets emotional, talks about her grandpa’s mother who died of breast cancer, and how he wanted to find a cure for cancer and give something back. Her grandpa built the hospital that Sarah has been treated at, her (Abby’s) grandma is in the audience. Said her grandpa would give her a hug and tell her everything was going to be ok, thanks Sarah for everything she’s been doing to raise awareness. Sarah drives 3 hrs to be treated at the hospital. Someone from Ford heard her story, tells Sarah she’s getting $20K to support her ongoing needs.

Hot Topic Also

Some quick clips

. Whoopi gives a shout out to #ChooseKindness: Take a Stand Against Bullying (See website)

. Abby’s grandmother was in the audience, along with her sister, and cousin, they banter a bit. This was before the cancer segment.

Ontd do you write letters to people and say don't be a fool, you'll be the devil, you'll call them later?!

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