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Netflix offers viewership ratings for recent fare

Netflix's Q3 earings call today included some ratings information for some of the newest fare:

-- Stranger Things season 3 saw more than 64 million views worldwide in its first four weeks, claiming the title of the streamers most-watched original series. This on top of the news back in July that 18 million households already finished the season within a few days of its release. Neilsen also reported that in its first four days, the third season drew 21% more viewers over the second season during its own first four day period.

-- Unbelievable has been viewed by 32 million members in its first four weeks.

-- La Casa de Papel was seen in 44 million households, making it the most non-English watched series.

-- Ratings for the final season of Orange is the New Black were not included.

-- On the film side, the Tall Girl was seen by 41 million viewers, Secret Obsession racked 40 million, and Otherhood drew 29 million.

-- A view is only counted if a household member watches at least 70% of a television episode or film.

-- The streamer added 6.8 million new members worldwide during Q3, down slightly from the 7 million they projected, and were able to recover their losses after a bad Q2 earning call. They are projecting 7.6 million new members this final quarter of the year, thanks in part to The Crown returning and Oscar-fare like The Irishman, Marriage Story and The Two Popes premiering.

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