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The View: Alyssa Milano, Democratic Debate Recap, Hot Topics

Panel is Whoopi, Abby, Sunny, Meghan. Joy has been off for a week, back tomorrow. Chelsea Clinton is a guest host.

Two more clips behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano is promoting her children’s book Hope: Project Middle School

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
[Cut from clip, short girl issues, tight dress, high chair.] Starts with debate recap. Thought it was the best debate so far, substantial issues. Liked people talking about infrastructure, income inequality. Bench is really stacked, good to be proud of the candidates. Meghan asks AM about Yang. AM says things were talked about in the debate specifically because he brought it up, particularly tech companies mining data for free. Talks about ubi lifting people out of poverty, it’s changing the conversation. AM isn’t officially Yang Gang, but she’s Yang adjacent. She’s not set her mind yet, thinks it’s too early. She hasn’t endorsed anybody, because what does it do. People should educate themselves, vote their heart, NY primary is 6 mos away, a lot can happen.

Sunny brings up her podcast and /helping/ MeToo hashtag get started. AM told a story yesterday on her podcast about her assault on a movie set. AM talks background [she doesn't repeat the details], whether she was ready to deal with her experience. Says the women who came fw to her, gave her the courage to come fw herself and heal and grow. Says it was very personal, but also for the women who had shared their stories. Abby asks about AM holding back his name, but he knows who AM is talking about. AM said she planned to say his name but then got scared, and talked about all the concessions she made because of who he is, and have that blow up, and who was on the set at the time, it was too overwhelming, what she shared was all she could at this time. You don’t have to name your accuser or give details, just stand in solidarity.

Chelsea likes what she's addressing in her children’s book, asks the reason it's geared for middle school age. AM feels children have an innate ability to be compassionate and empathetic, it’s in their nature. Thinks that middle school age is when you start thinking more about your own identity and often those traits get lost.

Hot Topic Chelsea is Not Running for Congress

Whoopi intros Chelsea as co-host. Brings up rumors that Chelsea is considering running for Congress, to replace Nita Lowey (D-NY) who is retiring. Chelsea says No. Says she understands why they’re asking, she’s been asked since forever, since she was 3-4 yrs old (a child being asked if she’d run for Governor of Arkansas). Says it shouldn’t be asked because of her last name. Asking about running should be asked of everyone, young people, women. Abby asks, Will you ever run? Chelsea says, I don’t know, but right now the answer is No. Said she got the most sleep last night since her son Jasper was born (he is ~3 mos old), feels she has super powers (due to good sleep).

Hot Topic Democratic Debate Recap

Three more clips behind the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Plays clip. Sunny thinks Warren did well, gives details. Warren had the most speaking time. Said it was a miss-step for M4A plan, because she’s not explaining how she’ll pay for it. Abby liked Mayor Pete, and Klobuchar, kudos. He delivers what Biden says, but better. If you were reading but didn’t know age, looks, background, the polling would be different and how they’re being talked about would be different. Abby mentions money for Mayor Pete vs Biden. Abby says Mayor Pete does have a plan. Whoopi wants to know what she likes about him. Abby recaps nearly everything Mayor Pete said. Meghan thought Warren did a terrible job and was on her heels all night, she was watching as a ~GOP viewer. Thought Mayor Pete came out swinging, very impressive. Thought Beto was running for MSNBC host. Thought Steyer Christmas tie (?) was distracting. Yang brought up automation, and he had an answer better than Warren. Whoopi says to Chelsea, these are things they slammed her mom about. Chelsea said at least on Dem stage, those were issues being discussed – gun violence, universal health care, opioids, not treated as a pipe dream, things that need to be a reality. The juxtaposition to GOP who aren’t talking about these things. She liked that there was a dynamic strong conversation.

Plays clip. [Cory clip that women are people]. Chelsea said that was a special moment. She liked how Booker phrased it. Instead of as a father, husband, brother (to a sister). Grateful that he said, …Because women are people, and people deserve to control their own body. Human rights should be respected, protected, advanced, regardless of whatever relationship to women you have in your life. Meghan said Booker has the vegan vote locked. Abby wonders why Warren won’t tackle how M4A will be funded. Sunny says, taxes are going to be raised, offset by (allegedly) lower insurance premiums. Whoopi said she can take Amazon money. The only one who has said corporations being taxed to fund social plans is being said by Yang.

Whoopi says sixty Fortune 500 companies paid $0 tax according to (cites source). Doesn’t have a problem with individuals who build their company and obtain wealth as part of the American dream. But when you become a trillion dollar company, it needs to be passed back. You don’t know what your taxes, like phone tax, or toll tax, is even going to. Talks about individuals who get refunds, excited what they’ll do with that money. Now they’re not getting those refunds. Sunny says all candidates said they’ll roll back the GOP taxes. Abby said it was discussed, but diverted into Tr/mp twitter account. Chelsea says, where Tr/mp admin slashed corporate tax rates, not only are they not paying their fair share, they’re not being good corporate citizens. Abby says corporations should give back to their community when mass profits realized. Sunny says, the corporations claim they’ll hire more people and grow their business, but that’s not true, they’re buying back stock and amassing more [personal] wealth [at the C-level].

Whoopi says age was brought up. Sunny gives details. CNN asked Sanders, Biden, Warren, but not the younger candidates. Plays clip. Chelsea says they were all very vibrant, yet Tr/mp still doesn’t disclose his real health. Meghan mentions that “doctor”. Some Meghan MyDad™ reference, re/Mayo Clinic and mole on his back removed, etc. Meghan feels candidates should release taxes and health records.

Hot Topic Not Enough Women in Rock N Roll Hall of Fame

Whoopi starts. Pat Benatar nominated but she’s been eligible for 16 years. It took so long due to long list of women to get in. Loves it, she’s voting for Pat. Chelsea likes Pat, says only 69 of the 888 inductees are women, just 7%. Whoopi says not a lot of well-known women are getting nominated. Chelsea says when Janet Jackson ended her speech last year, she said induct more women. Meghan lists a lot of women who aren’t in the RRHoF, but should be. Sunny talks music genres and that the excuses for not being rock enough isn’t valid. Abby says in 2016, not a single woman was nominated. Whoopi says no one is just-one-thing. Sunny lists more female artists who could be, but haven’t been nominated. Whoopi says write some letters. Meghan talks Fleetwood Mac, but wonders why Stevie Nicks hasn’t been nominated on her own. Whoopi talks about how nominees are submitted. [Meghan clarifies later that Yes Stevie Nicks has been inducted on her own]

Hot Topic Children Know Tech Better Than Adults

Whoopi gives background, re/kids who bypass technology security or parental controls. Sunny says kids have always gotten around things. Her kids have figured it out. Abby says they have two TV remote controls which seems really complicated to her. Her 1 ½ yr old had Peppa Pig on, but Abby can’t figure it out herself. Chelsea doesn’t like to think her older kids know how to do that, but will go back and look at the monitors. Feels like parents need better tools for things that aren’t like Peppa Pig. Abby says look at the app store for what your kids might be doing. Sunny wonders how Chelsea childhood was, due to Secret Service, but Chelsea says she wasn’t rebellious, which now she thinks is sad. Meghan says she has no kids so not her problem, then said Chelsea chair is the pregnant chair. [Idk]

Ontd are you glad the week is half over?!

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