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Abandon All Hope, Ye Who Enter TLC: It's the 90 Day Fiancé The Other Way Tell-All Part One

- so many fucking tears
- the Koreaboo was probably having a hectic morning, also I think she came with no extensions. The Sad Sack Mistress whines again about something
- Shaun Robinson is the WORST host
- Vibrator Conservator and the Instagram Model start fighting from the jump
- Brigham Young University judges Cold Shoulder Aficiando about bringing Daniel to SA, but CSA hits back with - well Evelin cheated on you
- BYU and Rinsing Kween Evelin talk about getting married (OP right now: teeheehee) and sis forgot to wear her ring
- In OP's opinion, she's got less sociopathic over the season????? (Update: Nevermind)
- Evelin's other boyfriend joins us and reveals he still luvs our Sociopathic Rinsing Kween

- Evelin was trying to suppress that grin real hard when Raul came on talking about how pretty she was
- Basically she's stringing them both along and loves the duel
- The fuck BYU, stand up for yourself!
- The "Rabbit" Conservator and the Instagram Model spar again because Laura went to QatarBucks and didn't tell him
- Also she's broke and it seems like Aladin might wanna divorce her because of that. I mean, do y'all remember his apartment? Like are Qatar rents like NYC?

Tags: 90 day fiance, reality show, television - tlc

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