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Love After Lockup 3.9 "Monotone Lap Dances and Interrogating Dog Moms" Recap

- Runaway Bride Tony has been clinched by the feds
- OP hates Wanna B Jon B who is also in contact with his ex-girlfriend. Glorietta and her Divine Eyebrows probably won't take that well
- According to her, Wanna B Jon B "converted to Muslim"
- Lizzy's "ex" is at the same bar, just on his phone minding his business and the meth-crossed lovers are ready to fight
- Lesbian Icon Amber and Quesadilla Calzone go to Magic City and Amber had lots of fun, QC then began to have a bit of fun with a stripper (dude is a fucking weirdo)
- Cheryl Whomst Has Neglected her Children gets dishes to live in her hotel room next to Bank Robber Bae and they get things to kill and hide people live in a hotel
- Is the Lizzy and Daniel scene scripted as hell or were they all paranoid due to whatever drug is trending at the trailer parks?
- I'm really tied to my Muslim faith, but yeah I have sex outside of marriage and I guzzle Patrón
- Tweedledee and Tweedledumbass try searching in poop water for stolen money - they don't find it
- Rogue Veener gets down the bottom of dealing with Antonio *beep* who is back in jail
- Vh1 Doppleganger and Malicious Wonder with a Heart of Gold do the deed


ONTD, why the hell aren't you watching this damn show?!?!?!?!?
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, orange is the new black (netflix), reality show, you in danger

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