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The View: Ronan Farrow, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

Ronan Farrow

Two more clips under the cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Ronan Farrow is promoting his book Catch and Kill

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Meghan says they got an early copy, thanks R for bringing the topic forward. R says the brave people are the sources who are coming fw and saying enough. Talks about Matt Lauer, gives details. Meghan repeats that she’s hated him because of how he treated Ann Curry. R says Curry also speaks out in the book, she brought fw a claim involving a colleague also re/Lauer. R gives details. Sunny talks Lauer response, reads excerpts. Summary is that he had affairs, and they share responsibility, not that there was lack of consent. R stands behind his reporting and fact checking. Victim was paid $7M this year to avoid her ever speaking about NBC executives. Abby repeats NBC statement. R says there is proof and a paper trail. R says the legalese is a euphemism, rather than precise ban on topic of complaint. Abby says that NBC is claiming R has an axe to grind. R says he had friendly relationships with colleagues, he left because it was a pattern of concealment. Sunny says NBC claims they didn’t run R story on Weinstein because it wasn’t ready, that no accuser was willing to go on record. R says he walked over to New Yorker and they did publish. There were named women, no draft had fewer than 2 women, and a recording. R feels it’s misdirection, to conceal they ordered a stop to the story.

Meghan talks Weinstein hiring Israeli spies. R says, he’s not a journo in Pakistan, it’s not woe is me. But Yes they hired agents, posing as sources, victims, or sympathetic reporters, or to chase him, stake him out. Sunny says the book is fantastic. Brings up McGowan, gives details. Sunny brings up book item, a producer R talked to, and that producer gave advice for R to get a gun. R did get a gun, did a little target practice, he was afraid, but he feels grateful the public has rallied around the reporting. Sunny says Weinstein brought in his sister to the story. R talks about how sometimes they have weaponized personal details. Explains how he evolved through his mindset on that topic.

Abby brings up spies again. One of the spies turned. R explains how people were surveilling him, and they wanted out of that life. Also talks about AMI, re/Enquirer and Tr/mp. Systems designed to silence people. He’s writing and re-reading it on a hopeful note, because people (victims) aren’t willing to shut up anymore. Meghan wants to know why NBC leaders still have jobs. R depiction is a chain of command who are complicit. R says he’s not an activist, he’s a journalist. Meghan says Fox and CBS purged, but NBC is holding firm. Abby says it’s the women who speak out, who make the difference.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Fake video shown at T45 at his property. Based on Kingsman: The Secret Service which shows T45 shooting Obama, Clintons, McCain, Waters, Romney, Schiff, media outlets, everyone who has ever spoken against T45. Why would someone put it together, who thought it was a good idea? It takes place in a church. [Don’t look for it, don’t share it, it’s horrid]. Abby says it’s vile and disgusting. Meghan says you’re talking about real people. Same as making a threat. Conservatives on twitter would be screaming if it was the opposite. Whoopi brings up Kathy Griffin and Yes everyone went crazy.

Sunny says it should be illegal (meanwhile Whoopi compliments her, she looks good, re/cousin 50th birthday). It incites violence. These are real people. T45 retweeted a different video of WWE body slamming CNN, hit a golf ball at Hillary’s head. Abby says it starts at the top. someone approved it, it went through a chain of command to be on the projector. The only denouncement has come third party. Meghan says we’re all sick of this. Sarah Sanders, Tr/mp Jr, FL Governor were present. Supporters are blindly in a cult. Whoopi says you can be a conservative but still be against this. Meghan mentions the Shakespeare play where Caesar was dressed as T45, there was backlash against that. She doesn’t call out films or comics, but murdering of all politicians incites real violence. Whoopi says it’s his m.o. The people targeted should all have extra security.

[How many mass shooters have name-dropped T45 in their manifesto, while conservatives still deny that T45 is the instigator]

Hot Topic Texas Has Got to Stop Shooting Black People

Man calls police because he noticed his neighbor’s door was open at unusual time. It was considered a non-emergency wellness check. Police showed up, looking around back yard. Sees person inside home through window. Shoots woman one time, kills her. It was her home, she was playing video games with her nephew. Everyone on the panel is outraged. Brings up similar incident a few months ago where a homeless mentally challenged man had been arrested and was being led by TX mounted police (police on horses) through the streets while his hands were tied to a rope, harkening back to the 1950-60s era.

This is very distressing. Here is an updated article that has latest details.

Some points from article [Spoiler (click to open)]
. The officer had already been placed on administrative leave as a result of the incident; he had joined the department 1 ½ years ago

. The department was in preparation of firing him; he resigned in advance

. The family and supporters are calling for his arrest

. The victim was staying at her mother’s house to help her mother recover from an injury

. The nephew said they had opened the front door to let in fresh air, lost track of time while playing videos

. More @ the article source

Hot Topic Also

Programming alert:
Next Democratic Debate is Tuesday 15 October

Hot Topic Honoring Gustavo Dudamel for Hispanic Heritage Month

Gustavo Adolfo Dudamel Ramírez is a Venezuelan-Spanish conductor and violinist. He is the music director of the Orquesta Sinfónica Simón Bolívar and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.

You can read more about Gustavo Dudamel here

Ontd has your outrage reached peak level?

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