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Antoni Porowski talks body image, sexuality and more with Glamour UK

Queer Eye's Antoni Porowski sat down with Josh Smith at Glamour UK for the latest episode of their ongoing YouTube series UNFILTERED, where he talked body image, heritage, sexuality and more.

On heritage: "It felt normal to be Polish when I was growing up, and then I moved to West Virginia. Suddenly people were asking about my name, why was it so weird? Why did I speak three languages? Why was I bringing a lot of cabbage to school for lunch? Suddenly the things that I kind of took for granted, the things that were givens like being Polish-Canadian, suddenly I felt embarrassed about [them], so I kind of pushed [them] away for a while... I almost fully forgot Polish and French in the three years that I was there."

On sexuality: "I think part of me, if I'm fully honest, always knew that I was interested in guys. But at the same time, I had relationships with women where I was really happy and I was actually in love with women. It was one of those situations where, 'When I find the right one, I'm gonna know it's time.' [...] Being bullied for being gay, or being called the f-word, isn't something that I really experienced, because it was just assumed that I was straight."

On self-definition: "I didn't feel comfortable identifying as a certain 'title.' [...] I knew that I didn't want to be considered bisexual, or gay, or hetero... the closest thing, I think, is just queer or fluid, if we're gonna to have to give it a name. I think that's what the future is."

On body image: "I think I was most comfortable with my body when I was in relationships with women, because there wasn't a sense of comparison, we were different... It was my first relationship with a guy where I kind of looked at myself, and I was like, 'Oh, my biceps aren't as big as his,' or 'my legs are longer, I wish my torso were longer.'" [...] I have days where I wake up and I feel like human garbage, and then I have days where I'm feeling really good about myself."

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