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Succession Season 2 Finale Round Up and Live Viewing Post

Tonight is the night!

PUPPETS Pusha T + Nicholas Britell Succession Remix (Audio Only)

EW: Roman Talks About His Kink with Gerri

WARNING: Possible Spoilers for Season Finale @ the source

Six Real Life Succession Events

. Summer Camp for Billionaires
When the Roys head to Argestes, a high-profile and high-security conference for billionaires, their private plane is unable to land due to the tarmac traffic. This quite literally parodies the annual Allen & Co. Sun Valley conference in Idaho, where media and tech titans and politicos ranging from Sheryl Sandberg to Barry Diller to Bob Iger rub shoulders and share secrets, all while followed by a pack of media reporters who are kept out of the official proceedings at the Idaho resort. “Succession” nails the “summer camp for billionaires” event down to the name-tag, because yes, even Mark Zuckerberg wears one.

. The rest @ the source

The Best Succession Sweaters

. All Hail Shiv

. The rest @ the source

Succession Loves Ancient Greek and Roman Myths

. Argestes episode being an analogy of the Greek word, meaning clearing or brightening, which is the EP that Nan calls off the Pierce deal

. Corinthian helmet that peers out from Logan’s desk, also possibly a nod to actor Brian Cox role as Agamemnon in Troy

. Rhea being referred to as our Coriolanus, who was a quasi-historical Roman who betrayed Rome and seized the city while commanding the army of a rival state

. More @ the source

Stewy Posts Series Finale Candids on His Insta

No spoilers

Click through for 7 photos and a video at the end

Correction: I can't add the hate-love poll now that the post is up

Don't open the cut if you haven't watched [Spoiler (click to open)]
[ ] Flog the fucking donkey Logan
[ ] Everybody else thinks you're a joke Connor
[ ] Hero of Asia Minor Roman
[ ] Turning our threesome into a twosome Shiv
[ ] Deadcatting Tom
[ ] Shoes out nails out Greg
[ ] All our hands are bathed in blood Gerri

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