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A Group Of Students Burned A Latina Author's Book Because They Felt Attacked For Being White

· Author Jennine Capó Crucet was invited to Georgia Southern University to talk about her book, Make Your Home Among Strangers, about a Cuban-American girl who struggles to fit in at her predominately white college. The book was required reading in some classes and the lecture was mandatory
· Most of Jennine's lecture focused on white privilege and, of course, the mostly white audience took offense, saying she used her lecture to attack white people. An example of Jennine's "attack" against white people was saying white people shouldn't dominate positions of power. One student who spoke to Buzzfeed said he knows white privilege exists but the way she spoke to the students about it wasn't okay
· Jennine tweeted about ignorant comments she received from students and thanked the students who stood up for her. Some students responded to her tweets to whine about racism against white people and said her lecture should've been about her book.... which is about.... white privilege...?
· Later that night, a group of students on campus burned her book. Some students turned up at Jennine's hotel, after which she moved to a different hotel. Department chair Dr Russell Willerton said that while the student's actions are within their First Amendment rights, they don't reflect the school's values, a line that was repeated by other school officials. In an anonymous email sent to Buzzfeed, one student said racist events seem to occur annually and that she isn't happy the students weren't disciplined
· The school is 63% white
Tags: books / authors, race / racism

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