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ONTD Original: four times Nora Roberts Got Involved

Eleanor Marie Robertson, probably better known as prolific writer Nora Roberts, enjoys to mind her own business. Until she doesn't - especially when it comes to plagiarism. In this post there's four cases of when Nora Roberts did a clean up in the literary world.

🤔 That time Nora Roberts was asked to cross out HER parts in the book of the plagiariser 🤯
That's what colleagues do for each other, right?
Summary: Reader discovers a lot of similarities between Nora Roberts' work and one of Janet Dailey's. Surely it's a mistake, Roberts is familiar with Dailey, she'd never do such a thing! But still, she sends her son to research and bazinga: that's a lot of familiar sh-! Janet Dailey claims emotional trauma, a dead dog, all a mistake, here's the manuscript and just cross out everything that's yours before we go to second print. Roberts quickly understood that that wasn't a great idea, and decided on getting lawyers involved.
Read more on that story here.

🐾That time Nora Roberts got involved and ended up matching donations to black-footed ferrets 🐾
Like you don't donate to black-footed ferrets all the time?
Summary: A romance novel website discovers Cassie Edwards plagiarising A LOT, fictional, non-fictional and maybe your diary. Edwards had no clue you had to source things you haven't created yourself. Where do the black-footed ferrets come in? Edwards used an article from Defenders of Wildlife magazine about black-footed ferrets, the journalists behind the piece went "Excuse me?", wrote a piece and got on npr with the situation.

And Roberts? She was also plagiarised, and I guess drawn to the fate of those ferrets. Read the ONTD-post on the subject here.

📝That time Nora Roberts got involved because someone claimed she was the plagiairising one 🖍
Happens to the best of us!
Summary: YA author Tomi Adeyemi thought she had the sole rights to using words like 'of', 'blood', 'and', 'bone' - especially when combining them. So Nora Roberts must have been ripping off Adeyemi's title Children of Blood and Bone when she produced Of Blood and Bone. Roberts explained - thoroughly - how Adeyemi was wrong. Adeyemi accepted it. Read the ONTD-post on the subject here.

🔍That time Nora Roberts was one of the 42 plagiarised 💵
Why write your own when other people write so much, anyway?
Summary: Another case of "You CAN'T claim other people's stuff as your own???" OP would laugh if it wouldn't happen so often. Brazilian "writer" Cristiane Serruya took inspiration from at least ten of Nora Roberts' books (and some 85 others from approx. 40 other authors). She thought using fiverr would really let her off the hook. Nora Roberts sued. Read the ONTD-post on Serruya's actions here.

ONTD, please tell me you understand what plagiarism means and that you would never hurt Nora Roberts like that.

Sources: 1, ferrets, 3, 4, plagiarism then and now
Tags: books / authors, ontd original, pr training needed, slow news day

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