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The View: La La Anthony, Paul Shaffer, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

La La Anthony

La La Anthony is promoting her show Power

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Plays clip. Sunny talks about being at Tyler Perry Studio opening. LL talks about that experience. Dream bigger, do more. Sunny brings up Puerto Rico. LL thinks young people should use their voices and their platforms, no matter how big or small, to make change. They got a governor out of office. Abby liked her as a VJ on MTV Total Request Live. Her internship she lied about her age, wasn’t going to let that stop her. Meghan says she played BAG wife on 90210 re-boot. LL gained a lot of fans, didn’t know what a big deal it would be. Joy brings up her son, 12 yrs old. Shows photo. He doesn’t like photos taken, especially in photos with her. LL says she has to wait outside to pick him up at school. Sent a spy to watch him. He had a group boy/girl date, she wanted to make sure everything was ok. It was her driver. Sunny says she does things like that too but she hasn’t done that. They don’t worry about their kids, they worry about the ~other kids.

Sunny brings up Power which is in the 6th and final season. Her character has changed. Fans don’t like her character, she has to remind them it’s a character not real life. Sunny will be on the show. Sunny talks about how much harder the filming was compared to The View. Whoopi puzzled, said she could’ve helped her lol. Plays clip. Whoopi says people come up to her, she’s like Do you want to be a star, or do you want to be an actor. Because being an actor is hard work.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Turkish invasion continues, body count rising. Plays clip. T45 complains that the Kurds didn’t help with Normandy or WWII. [He’s so f/cking stupid]. Whoopi wants him to do homework, Kurds did fight with allies in WWII, gives details. Joy says, You know who didn’t fight in WWII, the entire Tr/mp Klan. His grandfather was deported for failing to fulfil his mandatory military service. Draft evasion runs in the family. Abby doesn’t think serving in military is required to understand the gravity of the situation. Abby complains about the abandonment, tells story they learned on twitter. Meghan mentions Jennifer Griffin tweet thread (below) about a soldier who is ashamed for what has happened. Has rage again about what T45 has done to the Kurds. Erdogan is actually referring to Kurds as terrorists. She gets really heated with details of how bad this is. She’s very, very upset about the topic.

Sunny says people keep saying, Why did he make this decision. Was it to change the subject? [Yes, but also Tr/mp Towers in Instanbul. Always a grifter.] 51% overall want impeachment and removal, includes 25% of Republicans. Joy says she doesn’t cut Republican leaders any slack, quotes Maya Angelou, when someone tells you who they are, believe them. Cites all the other atrocities of Tr/mp regime. Now despicable people are upset about Kurds, when T45 doesn’t care about anyone or anything else. Meghan says 12,000 ISIS prisoners will be released back into the world [Tr/mp said they’d go back to their Europe homes because that’s a brilliant idea]. Meghan doesn’t like blame-shift because this is so bad. Sunny says if this is what it takes to get GOP people on board, then that’s fine. Abby needs to learn how to read a poll, because Abby thinks the support is for inquiry, but Fox poll clearly says Impeach and Remove. Joy says Resign already. Get out.

Tweet Click for short tweet thread that was referenced in segment [Spoiler (click to open)]

Hot Topic Paul Shaffer

Paul is promoting his Paul Shaffer Plus One, a monthly talk show on SiriusXM and AXS TV that features him interviewing colleagues in the music industry.

Whoopi said he was last there with Valerie Simpson for her birthday. Valerie is an all time icon. P does symphony dates and sometimes Valerie is his guest singer. Joy says most people know him from Letterman. Joy runs into him at Indian restaurant. Says he does the symphony thing, the SiriusXM show. Said it was a huge adjustment the first year, but now he’s settled in to a new routine. Sunny asks if he still sees Letterman, asks about the beard. Paul says the beard has his own agent. Meghan likes the beard. Paul says the longer people complain about it, the longer he’ll keep it. He does see him. Abby’s dad dropped out of high school to become a keyboardist, went on Letterman to see Paul. Shows clip, dad playing piano. Whoopi brings up his show, mentions Jools Holland, who has a similar British show. Paul says his stage is smaller, only one musician guest per show. He eeks at not having women the first season, fixing that for season two. Whoopi wasn’t mad, cause she knows how he works.

Hot Topic Ellen Is Still Getting Dragged

See related post here by just444

Whoopi covers the background. Abby said she didn’t spend her time tweeting about it, how much time we’re wasting being upset about things instead of spending our time with our family. She doesn’t know Ellen, a lot of people who were tweeting don’t know her, how about we get out of people’s lives. Mentions Susan Rice (yesterday’s guest) who has two children with opposing political views. Abby grew up very religious, Mormon, even though she left the church, she’s still friends with everyone back home. She’s not going to judge Ellen, it’s her decision. Joy said she didn’t want to get to know Bush43 because he seems likable, but if you lost a child in Iraq, then maybe you don’t like him so much. It’s not only about disagreements. Sunny mentions the position he took about gay marriage when he had a chance to do something about it. Bush41 mellowed on that but Sunny hasn’t heard that Bush43 has. Meghan has friends on both sides, doesn’t choose them because of political beliefs. Talks revisionist history about Bush43, e.g. warmonger, hurricane Katrina, did people’s opinion change now. She doesn’t blame Ellen. People cry wolf with every Republican, but then when the beast does show up, he’s Tr/mp. Whoopi says Bush43 did a lot of things she didn’t like, but she felt he had a good idea about immigration. Talks about Clinton sitting beside Farrakhan at Aretha funeral but they didn’t choose the seating arrangement, Aretha did that. Cowboys owner sent tickets, so Ellen ended up seated beside Bush43. Whoopi figured if he did have a problem, then he would be uncomfortable. If you have that opportunity to show your humanity, then why not try.

Hot Topic I Am Smart I Am Blessed I Can Do Anything

So cute /tears
Whoopi says she gets verklempt over these things. Plays clip. 3 yr old boy, video went viral. He repeats his daily affirmation on his way to preschool. Abby wants to meet his mom. Shows family photo. Teaching kids that young, that is what will change the world. Whoopi says they’ll believe in themselves. Joy talks about her grandkids and their confidence. Confidence comes with telling a child how loved they are. Whoopi says there’s nothing wrong with losing, next time try harder. Joy says winning isn’t everything.

SNL Daily Affirmations with Stuart Smalley: I'm Good Enough, I'm Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!
The Help: You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important

Hot Topic Also

Programming alert:
Next Democratic Debate is Tuesday 15 October

Hot Topic Honoring Evelyn Cisneros for Hispanic Heritage Month

Evelyn Cisneros is an American ballerina. She is Mexican American, and the first prima ballerina in the United States of Hispanic heritage.

You can read more about Evelyn Cisneros here

Ontd do you give yourself a pep talk?

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