Apple Removes Hong Kong Map App After Chinese Criticism

On thursday, apple removed from its online store an app that allowed Hong Kong activists to report police movements. The move came after an official Chinese newspaper accused the company of facilitating illegal behavior.

In Hong Kong, users of HK Maps said the application helped them steer clear of police patrols whose riot-control methods and policing during the crisis have been widely decried as heavy-handed, undermining public support for what long was considered one of Asia’s best police forces.

Office worker Acko Wong, 26, said he downloaded the app to help him avoid “danger and traffic” during the many protests that have shaken the city.

“If you know there are many police in that area, and I’m afraid they will arrest me for, like, wearing a mask or dressing in black or even if I’m young,” he told AP.

He said the argument that the app could be used to ambush police and could point criminals to areas where police aren’t stationed does not make sense “How do you ambush a group of police with equipment and gear like helmets and shields?” he asked.

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