Tyra Sanchez Posts Apology on Instagram

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Because I owe this to each of you.

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Season 2 Winner of Rupaul's Drag Race posted an apology over her shitty behavior.

  • She says the calmness of her introverted personality made it hard for her to handle the fame from Drag Race.
  • She was judged and criticized for years and it took an emotional toll on her
  • That's why she disappeared last year, she needed the break
  • She realized she was being harsh on herself and tore herself down before others could
  • She reacted without thinking out of fear and anger
  • Expressed herself in ways that were misunderstood and offensive to some
  • She humbly apologizes to those reading because her reactions represent her emotions but not her true character
  • Took the time to realize she was great and could spread her greatness
  • She knows right from wrong, she knows her online behavior was wrong and her mom didn't raise her to be like that
  • She chooses not to be that person, she chooses to be great and not fight wars with anger but instead lead with dignity, honesty, and integrity
  • Encourages everyone to stand together in love
  • There are people she owes personal apologies to and has reached out to them privately to work it out
  • Understand second chances are rarely given but asks for one and for you to forgive her past behavior and to continue to pray for her
  • Allow her to be the king you were rooting her to be

Too little too late or never too late to make amends?