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I live, I die, I live again

ToysRUs Returns in partnership with Target.com

Not enough for the Bullseye retailer with poor worker happiness to partner with ShopDisney for mini Disney stores in their stores (Say stores again), but now it's bringing a friend back from the dead.

Toys R Us, which closed every store in the US last year, a typical combination of inability to adapt and corporate greed, has long been in the works for a comeback, and today is that day...somewhat.

Starting (yesterday), toysrus.com is now functional again (And looks a hell of a lot better than their old website). However, when you click 'check out', you are taken to Target.com to complete the purchase. In the case of the Inside Out Funko Pop Rainbow Unicorn, the seller is not Target, but trusted third party ToyWiz.

(Also, it retails for like 20$ on ShopDisney).

So it's a bit like Rakuten Marketplace, in that it's simply a front to take you to the real store.


Are you happy to see the shambling corpse of your childhood this Halloween?
Tags: toys / memorabilia / collectibles

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