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Rennsday Renner Update: Halloween, Art & Crafts, Songwriting, Old Co-stars, & The Jeremy Renner App!

Jeremy set up some inflatable Halloween decorations for the kids in his family to play with. How sweet!

[Hawkward Arts & Crafts!]

Halloween treats are up next for us this week lol #”nailedit” #create

— Jeremy Renner (@Renner4Real) October 7, 2019

Jeremy Renner loves to spend time with his daughter & he decided to share one of the things they made together. It looks like at penis & vagina at the same time!

[Jeremy Renner & Mariah Carey's old writing partner]

Jeremy Renner shares some footage of him workiing on some music in his home studio with Walter Afanasieff who collaborated with Mariah Carey in the 90's. This time the video only has one editor!

[She Remembers Him 20 Years Later]

Charisma Carpenter was asked about some past costars among them Jeremy Renner who apeared on the 11'th episode of the first season of Angel. Charisma said this about Renner:"...He's a very sexy guy. He carries himself in a very alpha way I guess, or, he's got BDE.” She's not the only costar to talk about how sexy Jeremy Renner is. Elisabeth Röhm who was a cast member of Angel during the first two seasons & played his wife in the movie American Hustle, said that he was hottest guy she's ever worked with!

[The Jeremy Renner App is comming back?]
There is no way to link to the app but Jeremy's final post on The Jeremy Renner app saying that it was going to be shut down & that people were going to be refunded is gone now. The last post on his feed is now the one announcing his Amazon store.

His app is not longer on the list of Escapex apps & only those of us who still have it on our phones can still access it. Was this specific post removed so that people can't ask for a refund? There was an update scheduled for October before the troll attack on the app & the removal of the post could be sign that it could come back.

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ONTD, Do people think you're sexy? Who's made an impression on you?
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