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"Insecure" actress Amanda Seales responds to criticism from co-star over Emmy party snub

- Amanda Seales ("Insecure", 90s Nickelodeon show " My Brother and Me") went on Instagram to bemoan her removal from an Emmy's party.

- She revealed this week that Issa Rae's publicist was the one who had her removed. Seales says the publicist has always been curt with her. Last year Seales was Jill Scott's guest and had trouble getting in. She says the publicist was rude to her and when she spoke to Rae, Rae told her" Yeah, I mean that's between y'all. This is her party, so it's not my jurisdiction to tell her how to treat you at her party".

- This year Seales was Jesse Williams guest and was told her name was not on the list. When she got in and headed toward the table of " Insecure" cast members she was told by security to leave and was escorted out.

- After people online told her she was being childish for going to a party she was not invited to she disagreed. Seales" This was not a party at her house, this was not a naming ceremony,this was not a birthday party, This was a Hollywood party for black entertainer's and contributors to Hollywood. So by nature of that I am a part of that industry and should be there celebrating with my community".

- Seales co star Sarunas Jackson (Dro, Molly's boyfriend who is in an open relationship)weighed in with a tweet. Jackson" you can't be a disrespectful a** human being and expect people to want to hang with you. It's quite simple. Sit it out".

- Seales went on Instagram to comment on how it's interesting how people seem to be loving all the hate she is getting and if people say you are something enough times people start to believe it


Ontd: Would you go to a party you weren't invited to?

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