Andrew Scott Supports Priests Getting Hitched

  • Andrew Scott, who plays a Catholic priest (aka "Hot Priest") on Season Two of Fleabag, guested on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

  • He and Colbert talked about the recent comments by Pope Francis regarding the possibility that priests could be allowed to marry, as one of several ideas discussed at a meeting of bishops to increase the numbers of Catholics in the Amazon.

  • Both men supporting the idea. Scott thinks that it would increase the dwindling numbers of priests, while Colbert said he would have considered joining the clergy if that were the case.

  • No doctrine officially forbids priests from getting married, but it's effectively been banned for centuries. If such a decision was made, it could cause a divide with the more conservative faction of the church.


Fleabag's impact! Jk, jk. Should priests be able to get married? Would you marry a priest?