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Do parents really have a favorite child? Lil Kim, "GMA 3:Strahan,Sara&KEKE"

- The co host talk about an article about how parents are admiting to having favorites and people knowing if they are the most or least favorite of their sibling's.They also bring up a post by actress jaime pressly where she captioned it partly,"best time hanging with my favorite son Dezi,thats right I said it"(pressly has almost 2 year old twin boys).

- keke says she knows she is her mom's favorite,but her older sister loreal is her fathers favorite. strahan says he felt he was the favorite after he bought his parents a house. sara says her sister is her fathers favorite and her mother's favorite changes on her mood. sara says with her kids the love is always the same, but which one you like at any given moment changes with phases. her oldest at 3 is a handful . keke was sad she was not her grandmother's favorite. loreal got that title because she is he one that does everything that is asked and seems perfect.

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[Spoiler (click to open)]

- Lil Kim talks about hr iconic Versace boots she wore. she says they were right off the runway and given to her personally by donatella. they were a size 8 and Kim is a size 5, but she wore them anyway. she ran into Bobby Brown who commented that he didnt know she had such large feet.


-Lil kim plays the game"Fill the Lil" where she guess famous lil's. riding hood,bo peep and nas x are mentioned.


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