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Oscar voters have thoughts on Joker

THR talked to some Oscar voters about Joker. Here's what some had to say:

Male, Writer's Branch: Found it artisically stronger than many of last years nominees.

Male, Director's Branch: A bold effort, but cynical mess. Found it irresponsible in the depiction of mental illness and violence.

Female, Member-at-Large: Thought it was extraordinary, but also stomach-churning. Phoenix HAS to get nominated.

Male, Executive Branch: Says his 21-year-old son liked it, but thought the film sends a strange message.

Female, Editor's Branch: Nearly perfect in every way.

Female, Executive Branch: Found the film lacking any specific thematic point. Even with a great performance and impressive filmmaking the experience was unpleasant.

There are plenty of options to go around at the source, including those who stated they haven't seen it yet. Some saying they don't plan on it or will only do so to see Phoenix's performance.

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