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The King of Sweden announces important changes to the Royal House

- Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden confirmed that five of his seven grandchildren would lose their HRH status and no longer form part of the Royal House,

- children of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine will get to keep their personal titles of duke and prince but will not be able to pass them on to their children,

- they now have the freedom to live as private citizens but will remain in the line of succession,

- they will not be expected to perform formal duties in the future,

- they won't be able to benefit from the taxpayer-funded sum that goes to members of the Royal House,

- the roles of Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia and Princess Madeleine will remain the same for now but will decrease with time,

- Prince Carl Philip will be expected to step in as regent when needed until Princess Estelle reaches her maturity aged 18,

- possibility for Carl Philip, Sofia and Madeleine to work for profit will be looked into and reformed as needed,

- Madeleine and her children will remain living abroad and attend school there.

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Tags: european celebrities, royalty / royal family
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