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Lizzo, Mitzi Gaynor " Sunday Morning"

- Lizzo says her career was a slowburn, but she couldn't have maintained mainstream success 10 years ago at 21, so she's glad how it worked out.

- Says people's comments about her weight were like mosquito bites that multiplied. She didn't notice them at first because they were so innocent and normalized ( like being told she could not have short hair as a lager girl) She had to peel back a lot of layers.

- Lizzo leads most of her concerts with inspirational words and when asked if it works she says yes ,because talking bad about yourself works and this is the antidote. Words are powerful.

- Lizzo says her band director helped her discover her potential and on a visit to her school she meets with him.

- Talks of her father who died of congestive heart failure in 2010. She broke down relieving how nothing could be done to save him. She says she gets angry instead of sad and that's a coping mechanism to be strong. She says life doesn't give you an opportunity to show vulnerability and an opportunity to let your guard down.

- She says she dealt with insecurities by addressing them. She looked her insecurities in the face, called them by their name and fell in love with them. She says it's an ongoing process.

- She goes to her schools band room and tells the kids it's ok not to be happy all the time, you're not supposed to know what your doing all the time, but not knowing what your doing has nothing to do with where your going. She says cherish your journey.The kids clamor to give her their flute to play. They then all play her song.


[Spoiler (click to open)]

-At 88 " South Pacific" star Mitzi Gaynor still performs,seated, as she did recently accompanied my Michael Feinstein on piano.

- She was born in an Hungarian family with a dancer mother and musician father.

- She dated Howard Hughes for a few months at 18 and knew he wanted to sleep with her. He asked her to marry him, but found out he asked many other woman at the same time.
She still has the earring Hugh's gave her and Hugh's once told her to buy some dirt in Las Vegas. She did for $25 an acre. She sold it for $ 2 million 8 years ago.

- She was married to Hollywood producer Jack bean for 52 years.

- She says Elizabeth Taylor and Doris day wanted the role in " South Pacific" but Taylor couldn't sing or dance.

- She was the headliner for the Ed Sullivan show where the Beatles performed for a second time. 70 million watched. The Catholic Church deemed her performance lascivious due to her strapless gown.

-She hurt her leg years ago, but still dances in her heart and hopes to dance again.


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