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Celebrities React to Bernie Sanders Heart Attack

First reported as heart pains on Wednesday, then updated to heart attack on Friday

Here you go jarellano89


. The media was informed on Wednesday 2 October that Bernie Sanders, age 78, had suffered heart pains the night before, and had undergone a procedure to insert two stents for blockage in one artery

. The media was informed on Friday 4 October that Sanders had actually had a heart attack

. Sanders has cancelled campaign events but said he will participate in the next Democratic debate on Tuesday 15 October in Westerville, OH

Average Age of POTUS When Taking Office
[Not tracked by party; there were multiple parties in the early years, plus the platform of Dem and GOP switched in the mid 1900s]

The average age of potus when taking office = 56 yrs old

For potus in 1700s average age = 56
For potus in 1800s average age = 55
For potus in 1900s average age = 55
For potus in 2000s average age = 58

2000s are because Tr/mp was 70, without him = 52, or had it been Hillary = 56
Only 11 who took office were over 60, with 5 since the 1900s

More Celebrities This Way

Remember when Hillary Clinton had pneumonia? Remember when then-VP Dick Cheney had a pacemaker implanted after having already suffered 4 heart attacks starting at age 34? Also remember when then-VP Dick Cheney shot his friend in the face during a hunting accident?

Ontd do you think this will affect his 2020 candidacy?


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