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Can Prince Harry's 'all out war' with tabloid backfire?

- any potential trial involving Harry would be unlikely to take place before October 2020,

- some think Harry is trying to either buy time or frighten his opponents,

- the only sure thing is that the lawyers will get richer,

- other people think Harry is flexing his royal muscles,

- believes his statement detracted from the success of the South African tour,

- also believes he's suing because Meghan is American and they are "historically extremely litigious",

- members of the British royal family usually don't sue because they end up with more attention and all the dirty laundry gets dragged up,

- Kate Middleton's phone was hacked 155 times (from 2005),

- Prince William's phone was hacked 35 times,

- Prince Harry's phone was hacked 9 times,

- neither Prince Charles, nor Prince William, nor The Queen was informed in advance of the Sussexes’ decision to sue the Mail on Sunday,

- one source writes Prince Harry is set to claim Princess Diana was hacked by The Sun and The Mirror,

- Lorraine Kelly from The Sun wrote (before Harry sued them) that H&M should think about giving up their royal titles and duties and become Mr and Mrs Windsor instead,

- Meghan suing 'The Mail on Sunday' means she could have to face her father in court and it would become a mess both H&M are trying to avoid,

- they cannot expect North Korean type of fawning,

- Harry was caught on camera lecturing Sky News reporter about her behavior during the royal tour,

- Piers Morgan gets into a fight with Hugh Grant over the hacking scandal (Hugh mentioned Diana),

- wants British press to start reporting on H&M,

- re-tweeted a post sating Elton John ("bestest friends with Princess Di & her boys") has no problem with selling his autobiography with Mail group newspapers,

- he could become one of its most high-profile casualties in the royal legal battle.

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Tags: british celebrities, elton john, hugh grant, legal / lawsuit, royalty / royal family
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