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The View: Jessica Lange, Impeachapalooza, Gretta Monahan, Child Panel, Hot Topics

Jessica Lange

Jessica Lange is on a promo tour for her Highway 61 book of photography based on her travels across the storied route which runs 1,400 miles between New Orleans, Louisiana and the city of Wyoming, Minnesota.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Joy says she’s one of the top 3 actresses in our country. Started in 1976. Wonders if things have changed while she’s been in the business. JL says ageism still biggest obstacle, but a little different for the men. The parts thin out, and when something comes along, it’s someone’s grandmother. A little better only because of the consciousness that’s been raised. Abby says she makes it look good, she asks about her 2 young granddaughters. JL waffles this part, talks about independence, adventure, saying Yes more than No (life and career options). One granddaughter is in a children’s circus (!), other is equally independent.

Meghan talks about her and Ryan Murphy tv collaborations. Brings up her book. JL grew up in northern MN, Route 61 was part of her life. Panel wonders if she was recognized, JL said not really. The way she shoots is to not be observed, but sometimes she engages on purpose. Ana says the book is beautiful. Shows pg 23 photo of two young girls. JL tells story behind photo, at a fair in MN. JL said the girl caught her eye, she had been watching her, not stalking her, but the girl was aware of JL, then girl made that expression. Sunny brings up The Politician. Says JL plays unhinged women, says she is too sometimes. Plays clip. Joy says she’s always compelling to watch. Ana says she doesn’t usually watch tv, but she loves this, the escapism from the real life politics. Joy plugs The Feud where she plays Joan Crawford.

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™


Eleventy billion news cycles since last night. Joy starts with text drop that was released by House Democrats to the press last night. Sunny outlines the players. Career diplomat with 40 yrs experience through multiple admins was the sane voice in a crazy text chat. The Tr/mp goons were in CYA mode. Yesterday is what happens when professionals get involved, we’ll hear from Volker, we’ll hear from Amb. who was fired for not carrying Tr/mp water. Joy and Meghan back n forth about GOP who are [mildly] speaking out.

Abby jumps in, what more do by-standers need to know, how will we explain this in 20 yrs. Sunny says the answer is impeachment. Meghan says even RM said yesterday she didn’t think Senate would vote to remove [but that was before text-drop, also not relevant]. Meghan talks about China, why is Tr/mp supporting China over Hong Kong. Joy redirects, wonders why media isn’t /also/ covering a slowing economy, the farmers dilemma [bailout was wrong and hasn’t worked], panel debates. Ana says this is different, nothing in the past has lasted long in a news cycle but this is going on 2 weeks. [Meghan had a weird low-key fuss because she jumped ahead in her talking points].

Joy moves to South Lawn clip yesterday morning, Tr/mp asks China to investigate Bidens. [China responded loool]. Abby points out remarks re/trade war vs Biden investigation. Ana points out hypocrisy, re/Tr,mp kids [Ivanka got 15 new China trademarks]. Abby thinks this is bad for Biden. Joy says even tho it’s false accusations, meanwhile Tr/mp kids are egregiously abusing position. Sunny adds to that, Hunter wasn’t a member of Obama admin but Ivanka is doing nothingburger. Abby says Tr/mp brought up Biden and Warren with China.

Tweet (but they will give trademarks to Tr/mp family members)

Hot Topic Children Spill the Tea Panel

This segment is a promo for Kids Say the Darndest Things

Must watch, it’s short. Funny stuff, good laughs.
Who would you pick to be President, Do you know about the whistleblower, When you grow up do you want to be in the position we’re in, …

Gif makers, here you go 😃
Sydney then Cydney approx 0:45-0:50 looool
Juliana spill the tea approx 1:02

Hot Topic Husband Sues Wife’s Lover and Wins

Man1 sues man2 who broke up man1 marriage. Won $750K based on NC home-wrecker law (officially the alienation of affection tort). If he broke up a happy marriage, then was it really happy. Why isn’t the wife also culpable. Sunny thinks if someone knows the other person is married, and decides to be an interloper, then you should have recourse. Ana lists the states where alienation of affection laws still exist. Joy goes back to, how happy is the marriage if one person is having an affair. Meghan says she’s moving to Hawaii and something about a rooster and a hen.

Hot Topic Gretta Monahan Talks About Her Breast Cancer

Gretta talks about how she learned of her diagnosis of breast cancer. Her doctor called her at home with her husband. She was terrified, shocked, polarizing. Meghan says every 2 mins a woman is diagnosed with breast cancer. So much conflicting info about screening and tests. Gretta talks about the anomalies, women with dense breasts, men get it too. Most women are average risk.

Dr. Ashton talks about self exams, sometimes that results in false positive. Abby talks about discovering a lump while showering at 8 mos pregnant, turned out to be a benign fibroid. Gretta talks about getting one or both checked, she had a double mastectomy even tho it was detected only in left side. After surgery, it was discovered that right side also had cancer, which had gone undetected prior to surgery. They play clip from husband and kids with words of support (sweet), she cries.

Joy adds later, if you’re diagnosed with cancer in one breast, then there is 30% chance you may have it in the other breast.

Hot Topic Honoring Ileana Ros-Lehtinen for Hispanic Heritage Month

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (born Ileana Carmen Ros y Adato) is a politician and lobbyist from Miami, Florida who represented Florida's 27th congressional district from 1989 to 2019. By the end of her tenure, she was the most senior U.S. Representative from Florida. She was Chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee from 2011–2013. In 1989, Ros-Lehtinen won a special election and became the first Cuban American and Latina elected to Congress. She was also the first Republican woman elected to the House from Florida. Ros-Lehtinen gave the first Republican response to the State of the Union address in Spanish in 2011, and gave the third in 2014. In September 2011, Ros-Lehtinen became the first Republican member of the U.S. Congress to co-sponsor the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal the Defense of Marriage Act. In July 2012, Ros-Lehtinen became the first Republican in the House to support same-sex marriage.

You can read more about Ileana Ros-Lehtinen here

Ontd would you sue your spouse’s lover?

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