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DC media roundup: Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons/(Teen) Titans/Arrowverse

-Deathstroke is finally getting a solo show but it will be on CWSeed and animated.

-No word on how long the episodes will be but if it follows Vixen and The Ray (both of whom may have quietly been cancelled) then you can expect about 1-2min episodes spanning over 6 episodes.

-Manu Bennett who portrayed Deathstroke on Arrow does not appear to be voicing the character thus his connection to the Arrowverse seems to be in limbo.

-Will premiere in 2020.

-DC will retcon their continuity to make WW the first official superhero in main DC continuity

-Will play a role in forming the JSA

-A new image from the sequel to the Teen Titans dtv shows Wonder Girl (Donna Troy), Superboy (Kon-El), and Kid Flash (Wallace West) will be joining Damien Waynes Teen Titans line up.

-This is another case of DC changing character timelines to help boost newer characters (Damien) as Donna Troy is a Gen1 Teen Titan having served alongside Dick Graysons Robin. Conner is a Gen2 Teen Titans who was bffs with Tim Drakes Robin.

-No word on the release date but 2020 seems plausible

-JLD is getting a 2020 sequel named Justice League Dark: Apocalypse.

-No news on who will make up the roster but it is safe to say that Zantanna/Constantine/Batman will return

-Titans 2x05 'Deathstroke' is out today on DCUniverse

-Lyla Michaels is finally taking on her official namesake as Harbinger for COIE.

-How COIE will reveal Lyla's true nature is not yet known.

-The Flash Season 6 returns Tuesday October 8th

-Premieres this Sunday

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