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Madelaine Petsch is Cute as a Button on Seventeen Magazine's Digital Cover

Madelaine graces the digital cover of Seventeen Magazine, just in time to promote the upcoming fourth season of her hit CW show Riverdale, where she stars as the powerhouse that is Cheryl Blossom.

-Was originally bullied online by fans who disliked Cheryl because she was a "mean girl", decided to start her YouTube channel to show off her real personality, which is sweet, playful, and self-deprecating.
-Experienced cyber-bullying as a teen growing up in Washington State: “I remember someone made a really awful Facebook or MySpace page about me and my best friend. We were so mortified. Hearing what other people say on social media makes it so hard to fight back.” (OP has also been the subject of a hate MySpace and went to high school in Washington, we are clearly the same person)
-Considered dying her hair brown when she was starting out as an actress thinking it would book her more roles, but chose not to at the behest of her mother. Credits playing Cheryl to helping her truly embrace her red hair, which she was picked on for growing up.

-Is one part of the iconic Choni ship on Riverdale, which includes irl bestie Vanessa Morgan as the tough-as-nails Toni Topaz, and the couple is going strong going into season 4, which Madelaine teases will have more of a "season 1" feel than the previous two bonkers seasons.
-Reminisces about Luke Perry, and how he was a mentor to her and the rest of the cast. Misses him in little moments: “I've learned from Luke to be a bright light for people because you never know who needs it, just like I did.”
-In addition to acting, she's also an artist. She draws, paints, and plays the piano.
-Is generally loving life and feeling herself these days: "...I‘m around so many empowering women. We remind each other to be funny and embrace who we are. I don’t feel any pressure about being perfect on social media anymore. I'm showing my true self all the time. I’m just being me.”

More pics, videos and interview at Seveteen's website:

I know I've taken a break from Madelaine-spamming y'all, but this OP knows good and well that we must never forget where we come from, and I hope you all never forget who I've devoted a life of stanning to. Riverdale returns Oct 9th, so look forward to Cheryl Blossom becoming my brand once again ;)
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