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Rennsday Renner Update: Songwriting, Home-building, Traveling & A Mystery!

Jeremy shares with of him & his writing partner Eric Zane working on music.

Why does a 3 minute 40 second video need two editors?

[¡Jeremy Renner En Mexico!]

Jeremy Renner travelled to Zihuatanejo in the Mexican State of Guerrero to relax from the baby mama drama celebrate the birthday of his friend Katie Cazorla. Katie filmed something for his music video but it was cut. Jeremy happily posed for the picture but it seem he's hiding his toes.

[Building A Guest House in Reno]

Jeremy shares a video of the construction work going on in his Reno property. He loves to spend time with family & is building a guest house.

Fun fact: Jeremy literally worked building homes in two of his movies Ingenious & 12 & Holding.

[Is Jeremy The Masked Singer?]

Reasons it could be Jeremy:

1) Fox costume; He plays Swifty The Arctic Fox in his upcoming movie Arctic Dogs

2)Disctictive eye; Hawkeye

3) Steampunk Custume; He played Hansel in Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters, the film had a Steampunk look

4) Called The Fox an underrated animal: Hawkeye is the most underrated Avenger!

5) Jeremy has clubbed fingers & the tips of the gloves look similar to the gloves he used in endgame.

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ONTD, Has your long-time friend left you out of their music video?
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