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The View: Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Ben Platt

Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton

Hillary and Chelsea are on a promo tour for their book Gutsy Women but then Impeachapalooza dropped so yeah that happened. They are most of today’s show.

The rest of the clips are behind the spoiler cut [Spoiler (click to open)]

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
A few words on Bernie Sanders, which dropped before the show started and mentioned briefly before they were introduced.

Whoopi starts with impeachment. H says Pelosi had no choice once the w.b. report came out. People can debate all his other actions, but people can’t ignore him attempting to extort Ukraine over military support. Links back to the very day after Mueller testimony [the raging audacity]. Dereliction of duty if House ignored this. Deserves inquiry. Sunny brought up Chelsea tweet, 260K likes and 38K retweets [lol I put it below, the first one] wonders if she worried about poking the bear. Chelsea says No. Sunny says she’s become more vocal, Joy says it’s genetic. C says she’s protective of her mom, thinks of her own three kids (5 yrs, 3 yrs, and 2 mos), this is not the country she wants them to grow up in. C talks about the border moot (lol) with snakes and alligators and spikes and shooting them. The depths of cruelty against poc, war heroes (Meghan chimes in). No kids should have to grow up in an America like that.

Joy talks about TRE45ON mental state, that he’s still obsessed with her. H thinks 3 things. 1-he’s illegitimate, insecure about that, talks Ukraine. He knows he didn’t win on his own. 2-projection, he accuses other people of what he does. 3-bully has to dominate, refuses being questioned, has to be the biggest most powerful in the room. H talks about working with Abby and Meghan’s dads, you didn’t have to agree, but you still could walk away friends. TRE45ON intimidates and takes retribution on anyone who defies him. Highlights Margaret Chase Smith, the first Senator (R-MN) standing up against Joe McCarthy, talks about the magnitude of what Smith did, calling out her party for what they did. H talks McCain doing the thumbs up against party goals. H wants to see more GOP stand up. Abby talks about how many are retiring. Grassley spoke up for w.b. said they’re legit and shouldn’t be harassed.

Abby brings up 2020, how do they watch from the sideline. H says she cares deeply that TRE45ON is 1-term. Says it’s still early (Dem race), she’s talked to most of them, gives advice when asked. Group of strong messengers of alternatives. Dems have to proceed with impeachment in thoughtful and deliberate way, and campaign why Dem approach is better, which is difficult but has to be done. Abby talks about coulda-woulda-shoulda, wants to know what H would do differently. H says she already wrote a book about it What Happened Meghan and Abby both said their dads thought she was fun, Chelsea wants more details haha. H talks details and wonders if she over-corrected. H also believes that there were unprecedented events re/Russia [she warned us all, about everything]. H says they could still lose via voter suppression.

Meghan brings up Assange, brings up Zuckerburg and Warren, wonders about social media (Facebook). H says Wikileaks became an instrument of Russian intelligence, Facebook was careless, but both damaging. When people buy ads but pay in rubles, hello! Even the current intel are saying Russians are back at it. Meghan says cyber terrorism should be condemned by and for everyone, if they do it to Dems they could do it to GOP.

Joy talks about her being a teacher, taught reading comprehension, one of the essays that they covered was Rachel Carson Silent Spring. Carson was the pioneer of the present environmental movement. C discovered her in hs also, says thank you to teachers. History, science, social studies shouldn’t just cover words of straight white men. Carson was a govt employee who looked at data re/pesticides doing more than killing insects, goes into details, fought for years, direct and indirect consequences. Sunny says people need to listen to women more. Sunny brings up Eleanor Roosevelt and how she chose to stay in marriage after FDR had affair, H had said yesterday that she chose to stay in her marriage, in answer to personally gutsy move. Says there is no ~one answer, sometimes the right answer is leave, for others the right answer is stay. Thinking, counseling, praying, she decided it was right for her to stay but it wasn’t an easy decision. Even getting married or who to marry is also gutsy. Brings up other times when you have differences, or people you know face challenging scenarios, cites example of friend who has girl who wants to be a boy, that was unchartered territory. Talks about advice given. Everything you face, it’s your choice, your decision. Abby says her sister is convinced in 6 mos that Hillary will get back in the race. They tease, H says No she’s not running again. Whoopi says it was gutsy to allow people to have their opinions of Hillary personal life (e.g. the public). Everyone had something to say but she was gracious to all of them. People were being judge-y about things they don’t know about.

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Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

The View didn’t have a separate segment for this today but feel free to comment


[extremely brief rundown because today was a bananas day]
. TRE45ON profanity laced twitter rage
. Pelosi and Schiff saying they’ll subpoena WH tomorrow for documents
. Press conference in oval with TRE45ON and President Niinisto that was bonkers
. Said Schiff wasn't man enough to hold Pompeo's blank-strap (jockstrap) /stay classy
. More rantings about Schiff and Pelosi
. Second press conference with TRE45ON and President Niinisto that was supernatural levels of crazy
. TRE45ON said Pence was also on the Ukraine extortion call
. Finnish MTV Reporter asked Finland President what favors did TRE45ON ask, there were audible gasps
. Reuter's Reporter asked what did TRE45ON want Ukraine to do about Bidens, TRE45ON attacks, cites Hannity and Limbaugh
. Reviews are in: unanimous total five ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ disaster
. State Dept IG meeting with House Leaders was a semi nothingburger 🤷‍♀️

Hot Topic Ben Platt

Plays clip of The Politician. Joy asks about current candidates. Says he respects anyone trying to get us out of this hellscape, but he’ll get behind whoever he needs to. Has a soft spot for Buttigieg but thinks if this isn’t his time, he’ll still be one to watch in the future. Joy asks about his character on the show. Played a teenager in the beginning but now his character is older so he can grow out his beard. Said he ran for things in school but always lost. Meghan wonders about some of the elements of the show that isn’t verbalized, re/queer. Platt said it should be part of the tapestry not necessarily (always) talked about. Abby brings up Dear Evan Hansen. All he needs is an Oscar for EGOT. Abby says he was back at Radio City. Platt said he was surrounded by all his friends and family, it was incredible. Talks about his dating life. Doesn’t online date anymore because people think he’s catfishing, but he’s open to set-ups.

Hot Topic Also

Some quick clips
. Bernie Sanders had chest pains Tuesday night, went to the hospital, and had stents put in for blockage. He’s cancelled events until further notice. Panel was nice, Hillary and Chelsea said a few things at the beginning of their intro.
. Congrats to Tyler Perry who just got his star on Hollywood Boulevard, naming a sound stage after Whoopi

Hot Topic Honoring Sylvia Mendez for Hispanic Heritage Month

Sylvia Mendez is an American civil rights activist of Mexican-Puerto Rican heritage. At age eight, she played an instrumental role in the Mendez v. Westminster case, the landmark desegregation case of 1946. The case successfully ended de jure segregation in California and paved the way for integration and the American civil rights movement.

You can read more about Sylvia Mendez here

Ontd what are you drinking?

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