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The View: GMA3 Hosts, Allison Tolman, Impeachapalooza, Hot Topics

GMA3 Michael Strahan, Sara Haines, & Keke Palmer

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi welcomes back Sara [was she on The View?] Michael says he’s lucky, surrounded by beautiful women. Abby says she doesn’t sleep, re/twins. Sara talks about her children. Shows photo. Michael talks about his twins, he says you don’t sleep for the first 3 years, but then they have their own playmate, best friend. They’re 14 yrs old now, shows photo, but even when they fight, the day ends they have each other’s back. Says when someone tells him they had a ~baby, he’s like, pick it up (re/twins 2x harder). Keke talks about joining GMA3, being a multi-faceted artist. Abby says their Instas are fun to follow, just kicked off season with a Three’s Company homage, plays clip. Michael says it was Keke’s idea, said it was one of the most fun things he’s ever done.

Whoopi brings up football with Michael, says he does GMA, then GMA3, plus Thursday Night Football, Sunday Football. Says he likes all the jobs. Says flying back and forth for 20 weeks is his peaceful time. They joke about working for ABC and do they make money? Abby plays a game. Who takes the longest to get ready (Keke2, Michael1). Who’s the worst at reading the teleprompter (mixed results, Whoopi gets up and walks away, idgi). Who’s the healthiest (Michael3). Who’s the most likely to go out on a weeknight (Keke3). Then they dance [silly]

Hot Topic #Impeachapalooza is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Yesterday was the longest year in non-stop news.

Rudy Colludy was subpoenaed by House. Pompeo was on the call with TRE45ON and Zelensky, but deceived ABC in previous interview. Barr has been pressuring Australia, UK, Italy to cooperate in investigating the origins of the Mueller report. Plays clips.

Sunny says Pompeo was careful, didn’t technically lie. Meghan says GOP surrogates are bombing left and right. Up to this point, Pompeo was respected, and now he’s blown it. Miller, Colludy, Pompeo making it exponentially worse. Joy talks about how Pompeo (history) he’s a smart guy but now also tainted. [Because ETTD=Everything Tr/mp Touches Dies]. Joy reminds about Nixon that they all went to jail. Lots of panel crosstalk but they all agree this is shambolic.

Sunny talks about Colludy tweets, who has been subpoenaed by three committees. Talks about attorney client privilege, or executive privilege, none of which applies. Says he may not testify, which will land him in jail. Meghan points out woman in audience excited Rudy Colludy might go to jail. Abby says it was the worst day of him being in office. Ever since meeting with Putin in Helsinki and then it came out that he knows Russia intervened, but he doesn’t care, and that US does it, too. Whoopi is like, you can try to spin, but this isn’t fake news, it’s real. Has a rant. Brings up the go-to If Barack Obama… Meghan thinks McConnell is dirty and if it goes to Senate, then McConnell will bring Biden or Hunter. Whoopi says if there was anything to it, it would’ve been out before learning this way [plus it has been debunked by everyone including the fmr Ukraine prosecutor]. Meghan says Warren smells blood and she’ll pounce, it will get worse before it gets better. Joy says she thinks it will be bad to go after Biden because xyz. Sunny says Americans are already in support of investigation, and the more America learns, the more they’ll be behind this. Whoopi says she’s having a coronary. Idk.

After show aired, Pompeo said his staff was being bullied and he is discouraging them from testifying (more witness intimidation). Schiff and committees said go pound sand. [Remember when Hillary testified personally for 11 hrs?]

Hot Topic Allison Tolman

Allison was a breakout star in first season of Fargo and now she’s in Emergence. Plays a cop trying to determine if a 10 yr old girl has supernatural powers. Plays clip. Show compared to Stranger Things, ET. She describes it as a sci-fi thriller. Joy says she always plays a police officer. Allison says she doesn’t know why, she’s not that responsible irl. Said she had to get weapons training. Meghan talks about her turning down scripts after Fargo, Allison talks about examples and why. Abby says chemistry between Allison and child actress is noticeable. Talks about the little girl being a delight. Sunny brought up her being on SCTV, her odd jobs, dog walker, vets office, personal assistant, worked in IT.

Hot Topic Do You Ask Out Your Coworkers

Guy wrote into NY Post advice column, has crush on coworker. Said it was taboo to date someone in the office, but they spend so much time together. Joy says, that’s where you met people, if you didn’t meet them in college. Now it’s social media. Sunny says it’s a bad idea, her dad said it was professional suicide, she ignored her dad and dated a guy anyway, then they broke up and it was messy. Meghan says the culture doesn’t support it now. Abby said her parents-in-law met at the same company, the mom left the company to marry the dad. Whoopi says she’s not dating any of the panel yuck. Bring in Brian-the-producer who is married. Sunny says people spend equivalent of 13 yrs 2 mos of their lives at work. Joy jokes, panel laughs.

Hot Topic Do You Know When to Leave a Party

Woman wrote to Miss Manners that her fiancé doesn’t pick up on social cues that it’s time to leave. Abby doesn’t invite some people sometimes because they never leave and you know it’ll be the whole day. Sunny says, You don’t have to go home, but you have to leave. [what I say after sex lbr] Joy says, Let’s blow this funeral. Whoopi says, Hey it’s time to go.

Hot Topic Also

Some quick clips
. Happy Birthday to President Jimmy Carter who is 95 yrs old, beating brain cancer, building Habitat for Humanity homes, and living his best life. He’s now the longest living President ever.
. RIP to Opera singer Jesse Norman
. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month
. Whoopi has silver hair because she’s playing Mother Abigail in The Stand which she already explained but I guess felt like doing it again /promo

Hot Topic Honoring Charo for Hispanic Heritage Month

María del Rosario Pilar Martínez Molina Baeza was professionally known by her stage name Charo. She is a Spanish American actress, singer, comedian, and flamenco guitarist.

You can read more about Charo career here

Ontd are you savvy with social cues?

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