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The View: Rob Lowe, #OrangeCrush, Hot Topics

Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe Talks The Stand with Whoopi, 911 Lone Star, Demi Moore, and Live Comedy Show [Rob and Demi were in the OG About Last Night]. Sam Seaborn is aging well.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Whoopi is playing Mother Abigail, Rob was in the original, and all his scenes were with the same character. Ruby Dee played Mother Abigail, she would sleep in her old-age makeup because it was such a chore. Abby talks The West Wing. Rob dunks on Meghan for never having seen TWW. She says it’s because a character was based on MyFather™ and she was overwhelmed with politics in her real life so she didn’t watch it on tv [surejan.gif]. But she says she saw all of Parks & Recreation. Joy shouts out Beyond the Candelabra, he played a plastic surgeon with a bad face lift. He and Ryan Murphy are co-producing 911 Lone Star. Talks about the character, getting prepared for the role (firefighter). Plays clip, slow pole drop lol. Liv Tyler also on the show. Sunny says she hasn’t seen TWW either. Rob says it will be soothing balm.

Sunny brings up About Last Night, the Brat Pack, brings up Demi Moore memoir, in that she talks about her addiction which coinciding with the film shoot. Rob says she was the first person he knew who got sober. Says it was the 80s, everybody was doing their thing. He says he’s been sober 28-29 yrs. He loved rehab. Talks about his experience, what it brought for him. Never compare your insides to someone else’s outsides. Talks his comedy show Stories I Only Tell My Friends which is like a Ted Talk but less pretentious and less smart. Abby brings up his family, wife, grown sons. Abby laughs about how his sons punk on him on Insta, he laughs about his two internet trolls.

Hot Topic #OrangeCrush is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

TRE45ON surrogates went on the Sunday shows to defend TRE45ON. Plays clips. Lindsay Graham, Stephen Miller, Mark Levin, Gym Jordan, Rudy Colludy.

It was a collective disaster of epic proportions. We know what he said because he said he said it. TRE45ON (or his comms team) tweeted all weekend [except when he played golf with Gary Player, Lindsay Graham, (and someone else I don’t recall)]. Abby says the blatant hypocrisy is what made her the most angry. Says the w.b. would be protected if it were favorable to TRE45ON. Joy says they never stop him, no matter what he does, lists all previous bad behavior. Sunny said normally GOP has coordinated message but she saw everyone all over the place, chaos. MM watched all the Sunday shows, gives props to Ed Henry, Tapper, Stephanopoulos, the media for doing their job. She felt the GOP wheels were off, none of the surrogates could give any answer to specific questions. Joy says all their nonsense muddies the water, MM says with polling supporting impeachment, they’re failing.

Abby says they didn’t do their homework. Scott Pelley (60 Minutes) dunked on McCarthy who obviously hadn’t read the transcript. [It’s 9 pgs including footnotes wth]. Also mentioned Kinzinger (R-IL) who called out TRE45ON tweet for inciting a civil war. MM goes off, says if any of them were women, they’d be dragged for being unhinged crazy b/tches. Joy says at least Miller came out in daylight (lol). Sunny brought up Biden’s campaign requested networks to stop booking Rudy Colludy (because he lies repeatedly). Sunny says let him talk because he hangs himself every time. Whoopi says No let him on but media need to fact check him every sentence. [No to all of that because at some point legit media needs to stop promoting yellow journalism click bait by having Rudy or Kellyanne on since all they do is lie lie lie, there is no alternative in-good-faith viewpoints to discuss].

Hot Topic #CivilWarSignup

I mute TRE45ON account and his last name but holy f/cking moly, this guy has tweeted 100+ times over the weekend, including citing civil war if he’s impeached, plus re-tweeting a fake bot who replaces Tr/mp words with “shark” because he doesn’t know better (or his comms team looool). While the last civil war resulted in a win against the racists, lots of people died, he’s pitting Americans against Americans, it’s obviously a serious matter, but of course twitter is having fun with it because what else is there to do?

Ps McConnell has officially said Yes the Senate is required to take up impeachment if the House votes for it to proceed.

TRE45ON is so unhinged there are no words, the whistleblower has government protection (for real) because TRE45ON himself is threatening s/he with mob-speak and there has been a bounty from at least two of his followers. [Even today TRE45ON said on live camera they were working on getting w.b. identity]. MM didn’t have her talking points squared away. Sunny points out there are laws that protect w.b. and it should concern Americans what he is doing. Whoopi says he wouldn’t even meet with the women who accused him. Sunny says it’s classic witness intimidation. Abby defends Maguire again (does she have a crush on him, what is the deal?). Sunny reminds again that Maguire went to the suspects instead of Congress but that’s beside the point. 46 tweets between last night and this morning. MM reads the civil war tweet, even joking about it, that he could do that cavalierly, if he’s this nervous, the panel conversation meanders (but no tantrums). Whoopi makes it clear, he didn’t do what’s right. It’s that simple.

Hot Topic Do You Tell Your Current About Your Exes

A guy wrote in to Slate sex advice column, saying he wants his wife of 35 yrs to tell him about her sex details. He had a limited history, he says it turns him on. Wife says she’s not in to sharing that info. It’s verbal Viagra for him, for her it’s enough already. Abby brings up losing her virginity, Whoopi closes her ears and makes blrrrrb sounds (lol). Says it starts out as curiosity but then when you know, you wish you hadn’t, you can’t un-know it. Sunny doesn’t want to envision her husband with someone else. MM says she never talks about her sex life, hard and fast rule. Whoopi is hyperventilating. Joy doesn’t care. Says her husband has been hers for many years, she got him when he looked good. Whoopi has a meltdown doesn’t want to talk about anybody’s sex life. Wants balance in her life, balance in her taxes (omg the obsession).

Hot Topic Did You Do Your Homework

Study says kids were less likely to do their homework if their parents were too controlling because it made them feel they didn’t have a choice. [Good lord, kids these days]. The panel mocks. Joy said she was a teacher, didn’t believe in homework at least for kids in elementary. Talks about successful entrepreneurs as inspiration. Sunny is like, how are you supposed to tell your teen to do homework /s. Panel mocks more. MM talks about being raised in a von Trapp family with whistles and whatnot, you did what you were told. Joy says you can say Tr/mp never did his homework, as an incentive.

Hot Topic Honoring Lin-Manuel Miranda for Hispanic Heritage Month

Lin-Manuel is an American composer, lyricist, rapper, singer, actor, playwright and producer, widely known for creating and starring in the Broadway musicals In the Heights and Hamilton.

You can read more about Lin-Manuel Miranda career here

Ontd do you share all your sexual history? Did you do your homework?

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