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Sasha Pieterse roundup: Her upcoming book, book tour, and comments on Perfectionists' cancellation

ONTD, did you enjoy Sasha's protein bowl recipe that stewie_e posted about in the spring? Well now the budding YouTuber is releasing a book by the same name as her channel, Sasha in Good Taste.

-She will be promoting the book in New Jersey, New York, Illinois, and California
-You can pre-order the book now before it's October 8th release
-The book teaches simple tricks of the trade within the kitchen and home, regardless of age/budget/space

Plus, she said goodbye to her PLL character Alison DiLaurentis, hinting that the Emison divorce probably wouldn't have lasted.

Ali, you and me have sure been through a lot. I want you to know how proud I am of how much you’ve grown. Your perseverance and fierce personality has and will always be with me. I know you are finally happy at home with Em and the kids. Kiss them for me!
Xo, S #endofapllera #prettylittleliars #emison #plltheperfectionists

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