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Love After Lockup 3.7 "Court Mixups, Penitentiary Paternity, and Joint Accounts with Robbers" Recap

- Rock of Love Doppelgänger finally decides to return to her children while she pretends she was modeling (Gorl you know yo daddy know you wasn't modeling shit)
- INTERVENTION ASSISTANT Cheryl wants to pay for this mofo's restitution and honestly, Josh, OP gets the feeling who shouldn't make this angry unless you wanna be on Snapped
- this heffa and her tooth finally realized the money she spent on this loser (who couldn't even successfully rob banks)could've been spent on her kids
- Divine's Eyebrows and Wanna B Jon B. are already boring the shit out of me and seem fake as fuck a la Caesar
- Andrea's sulster decides to put her in contact with a detective that worked on Louis XIV's Stolen Dentures case. Both these idiots didn't realize that being granted an appeal doesn't mean release.
- Someone OP Thinks Would Be On Teen Mom never wrote back or even visited Baby Daddy Who OP Thinks Would Be on Teen Mom (Rick James voice: What mo can I say baby? That's cold blooded)
- Rock of Love Doppelgänger just casually drops to her dad that one of her kids' biological father is one of the TWO inmates she's dating.
- Cheryl decides she'd like more of her kids' financial support to be stolen, so she opens a joint checking account with Josh
- Ummm... how you going to say you going out to get drunk after you got enraged after your future MIL assumed you were an alcoholic
- VH1 Doppleganger sees her other boyfriend


This episode has been brought to you by stop showing us previews of perpetual has beens Aaron Carter and Corey Feldman dueling. No one cares!
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, legal / lawsuit, reality show, you in danger
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