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Spitting Image is BACK!

BRITSPLAINED: Spitting Image was a British TV puppet show that satirised political figures and current events. It was hugely popular and ran from 1984 to 1996.

Now, 23 years after its last broadcast, one of its co-creators Roger Law has confirmed its return to our screens, the current political climate being a huge catalyst to prod him out of semi-retirement.

Viewers can look forward to "an S&M-clad Vladimir Putin, Meghan Markle wearing a glittery “princess” T-shirt and a puppet of Donald Trump whose tweets are composed by his anus." (OP - hope this will actually be better than it sounds but the original was REALLY good, I promise!)

The Pilot has already been filmed, and producers are currently in talks with US-based networks in an effort to bring this satire to other parts of the world.

Re: Trump, the show's co-creator says: “I’ve heard other satirists say that he’s un-satirisable because he’s a satire in himself. Well, with puppets you can go much, much further, because actors won’t do that for you. And by Christ, we are going to give it a go.” He goes on to describe puppet Trump as "an absolute monster".


Hooooold a chicken in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose...

Thatcher's Cabinet

Every Bomb You Make

I've Never Met a Nice South African

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