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Montana Wildhack

SVU promo for 21x02: It's Surreal Even Typing These Episode Numbers

In next week's SVU episode, Ariel Winter guest stars as a victim who has lost the memory of her assault, and I think they hypnotize her, and that's cool and all but let's talk about the Season 21 premiere! Ian McShane! Daddy Dodds! Ilana from Lost! A potential new detective! Spoilers!

Captain Benson! ADA Carisi!! But, most shocking of all, a Barba mention!!! A Barisi mention, even (if you squint)! Can you believe?

Source: youtube


ONTD, first of all, hi!!!!! I missed you! We're back!!! So, question time! Did you watch last night's herstory-making premiere? Do you think the show is back in full(ish) form? Did you enjoy Ian McShane-as-Harvey Weinstein (I sure did, he was glorious)? What did you think about the changes in the lives of our faves? As a Carisi stan, I'm cautiously optimistic but also a little apprehensive (he needs more screentime! /stan). Still, I totally appreciate the broadening of the show's world with the inclusion of more characters (women of color? In New York City? Well I never!) Lastly, ONTD, I love you, and I love these posts, and may we have a fun Season 21 <333
Tags: law and order (nbc), mariska hargitay, television, television - nbc, television - premiere / finale, television promo / stills
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