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Stumptown S1x02 Promo - "Missed Connections"

Missed Connections promo
Dex is hired by a wealthy man to search for a woman whom he recently met, but she quickly learns that the task is not as simple as it seems. Meanwhile, Dex and Grey’s history unfolds on “Stumptown,” Wednesday, October 2nd

Cobie Smulders is very watchable

Dex Parios is a sharp-witted military veteran, who struggles to get by and take care of her younger brother, in Portland, Oregon. She also struggles with PTSD from her time as a Marine in Afghanistan, where she worked in military intelligence until she was injured by an explosion which killed her childhood sweetheart and former lover. Burdened by heavy gambling debts and unable to hold down a steady job, she becomes a private investigator to solve problems where the police cannot get involved. Detective Miles Hoffman refers problems to her, and Grey McConnell, a bar owner and Dex's closest friend, provides moral support and employs her brother Ansel at his bar.

. Robin Scherbatsky from HIMYM and Maria Hill from MCU plays Dex the war veteran private investigator
. Nick Miller from New Girl plays Grey the bar owner and Dex friend without benefits
. Derrick from The Good Wife (plus hot love interest in Beyonce Halo) plays Detective Miles
. Ellenor from The Practice plays Miles boss Lt. Cosgrove
. Alice from Wind River (Jeremy Renner film) plays the casino owner who is large small and in charge, and she’s also the mother of Dex deceased b/f

On the plus side, it has a lot of females in charge (Dex is the lead character, Tantoo Cardinal is the head of the casino, Camryn Manheim is the police Lieutenant, representation of the tribes in Oregon, Dex brother is played by irl actor with Downs Syndrome, chemistry of actors is pretty good. First ep was highly rated (critics) tho it was a wee clunky in places. And, it has a sitcom lead-in with Ontd fave Leighton Meester.

On the down side, it’s up against the Wednesday prime time NBC Chicago XYZ-trifecta, it's on ABC, it's on at 10PM (eastern)

Ontd did you watch what did you think are you here for Robin Scherbatsky to ditch the comedy and embrace her Maria Hill drama action-y role?

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