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The View: Bobby Flay, Impeachmentpalooza, Hot Topics

Celebrity Chef Bobby Flay

Mostly a cooking segment, also to promote his new book Bobby At Home

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Talks about recent trip to Italy, all the pasta and great food. Was with Giada De Laurentiis, says she’s a better chef, since she was born there and has a leg up on him for Italian food. Sunny is very competitive, recently appeared on his show but couldn’t talk about it because it hasn’t aired yet. Talks about his mother, her influence on cooking when he was growing up. Ana asks about his Latin flavored dishes, he talks about chilis and whatnot. Explains this woman Francesca who taught him how to make Tiramisu. Panel eats while he cooks and talks.

Hot Topic #TrumpImpeachment is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Joy recaps testimony from yesterday. Lindsey Graham still claims it’s a nothingburger. Abby says moral compass says Yes this is abuse of power, country before party. If you watched yesterday, still felt Maguire wasn’t the bad guy [stop, he gave the evidence to the suspects instead of Congress]. Lots of bickering about Maguire blah blah. Ana says, Hold up. Keep it narrow. Campaign finance violation, blackmail, abuse of power. MM diverts convo. Wants to talk about 2 week break, questions Zelensky veracity because he knows TRE45ON is pressuring him, felt that was bad idea for Admin to do that.

Joy thinks Barr should recuse himself, Sunny agrees. MM moves to Biden and Hunter, it helps Warren, but she sympathizes with Hunter who has been open with his addiction issues. MM feels bad about Ukraine who has been fighting for their own democracy against Putin. Makes it even worse, TRE45ON extortion. Joy wonders if it’s politically savvy to go after Biden given his history. Ana reminds that Hunter activities were cleared when he was on the board (Burisma), and investigation by Ukraine after the fact revealed no wrongdoing. And that Biden conspiracy was refuted. Abby says still the w.b. did the right thing. Joy talks about server storage. Sunny is bothered by WH attorney advising to move the docs to extra secure server. Very disturbing.

Hot Topic Donny Mafioso Plus Cancel NY Times

Plays audio. TRE45ON is mob-speak threatening the w.b. and WH staffers over the reports. Joy believes it’s witness intimidation. Sunny believes Yes. Ana reminds he did the same thing with Cohen. MM brought up NYT nearly identifying the w.b. which was wrong and irresponsible. Panel discusses WH probably already knew w.b. identity but with crazy people acting on behalf of TRE45ON it was still very wrong to do that and puts their life in danger. [Wait times yesterday to cancel NYT was reportedly over 2 hrs. Don’t know if they had noticeable drop in follower count]. Abby is still astounded that there are people still inside the walls rather than resign. Ana rattles off all the names who have come and gone. Abby goes on again about hero Maguire, she is really in to defending him.

Plays clip. Pelosi says she didn’t change her mind, the facts changed the situation. Hot take, she always said he’d impeach himself. None of the other atrocities would’ve resulted in a proper vote, too complicated and muddy to make a clear case. Ukraine is simple, easy to understand, and benefits from happening after the Mueller report, which links the two together. Ana says polls have already shifted.

Plays clip. TRE45ON says Schiff should resign. Loooool. Schiff tried to tell a droll joke, it landed with a thud. Joy says she got the joke, but others didn’t.

Hot Topic JLo and Shakira Headlining Superbowl Halftime

See reaction post here by stewie_e

Joy brings up debate that NFL is overlooking issues like kneeling. Ana says her husband felt like it’s Christmas in September, he’s thrilled. Shows her husband’s tweet lol. Sunny loves JLo and says she’s been apolitical, whereas Shakira dipped her toe in a little bit, in previous elections [and JLo did a concert for Hillary in Miami in 2016]. Ana likes they’re encompassing the culture of the area. Wonders about Gloria Estefan. MM says it was the 8th most popular last year, it’s still a huge draw. Wants to celebrate two cool women getting that chance.

Hot Topic Are You Nice

A blogger on Quartz wonders if nice women can get ahead because being nice is seen as being week. Joy covers the blogger background, says she’s nice and good. Abby says she doesn’t have it in her to be rude, even if she’s thinking it. Ana says it’s psycho-babble, says be who you are. MM says men are never asked these questions, and don’t get the same gender criticism as women. Sunny says there is a difference between nice and tough vs tough and rude. Brings up candidates, they’re mostly nice. Wonders if some should let there inner self come out.

Hot Topic Honoring Dr. Hector Perez Garcia for Hispanic Heritage Month

He was a Mexican American physician, surgeon, World War II veteran, civil rights advocate, and founder of the American G.I. Forum.

You can read more about Dr. Hector Perez Garcia career here

Programming alert [Spoiler (click to open)]
Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have co-written a book about strong women. The book deal was announced ages ago, with a publication date, so now they’re on a press tour. Then Impeachmentpalooza dropped. Whoo boy. Next Wed Oct 2, Hillary and Chelsea will be the guests on The View.

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Ontd are you nice?

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