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The View: Andrew Yang, Impeachmentpalooza, Star Wars

Andrew Yang

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Some enthusiastic Yang Gang in the audience.
Whoopi talks polls, talks WaPo dismissive story on his candidacy. Yang says a random man can’t run for potus because they’re living paycheck to paycheck so they couldn’t afford to do it. MM talks polls, beating Kamala in CA. She likes an unconventional campaign. Yang repeats campaign talking points, go-to evil Amazon. Abby says he’s having a ton of fun, says a former employee who claimed she was fired for being married. Yang addresses that, avoids elaborating why she was really fired, but said it had nothing to do with getting married. (Lose-lose, he can’t say why she got fired, regardless, but he has other married women working for him, so].

Joy moves to Shane Gillis and anti-Asian remarks, fired from SNL. Yang said he insulted him personally, talks his reaction, then he and his wife looked more into his comedy. Says watching his work said he was a still-figuring-it-out comedian, let’s be more understanding and forgiving. Feels some are unduly punitive and vindictive. Brings up his humor. MATH = Make America Think Harder. It’s not immigrants causing problems, it’s technology and automation, the 4th industrial evolution. Joy gets his humor but others don’t. MM likes his humor. Whoopi is obsessed (brandnewinfo.gif) and brings up universal dividend. He talks his platform, family photo, talks GDP cliff, talk talk talk. Whoopi wants to know why no one else has embraced this idea about corporations not participating in our growth. Yang feels govt is beholden to corporations.

MM talks his polls again, 10% of Trump voters. Yang gives his two-cents. Thrilled to have Trump supporters because he’s a Dem nominee and we all win. Joy brings up impeachment. Yang supports it, explains Captain Obvious reasons. Wonders if politics may work out differently but he has to be held accountable. Talks about Trump owning the airwaves, how that is dangerous. Abby brings up his son who has autism. Yang said the diagnosis was a relief in the sense that they were new parents and didn’t know what to expect so atypical is the new normal, and he feels we need to build systems that support that. Elaborates, wondering were they terrible parents, didn’t know what was happening, then the diagnosis helped them. Feels you have to introduce yourself by providing ideas and solutions big and small. Wants to ban robo-calls. [Omg please yes thanks]. He says he’s qualified for Oct and Nov debates.

Hot Topic #TrumpImpeachment is Dumber Godfather© Stupider Watergate™

Click to read the whistleblower complaint it’s only 9 pgs and not too overwhelming

[Click if you still feel tl;dr]
Click if you still feel tl;dr

Content only, no footnotes

Pg 1 More than 6 US Officials informed w.b. over 4 mos that Trump was abusing his power of office to interfere in 2020 election, including but not limited to, pressure foreign country to investigate Trump primary rival. Name checks Giuliani and Barr as also involved. Observed some firsthand, other instances brought to his attention.
Pg 2 July 25 call, the first since congratulatory call on April 12 for winning election. Name checks Biden, Hunter, 2016 Russian election influence, Crowdstrike server (debunked Hillary emails conspiracy theory), multiple requests for Zelensky to speak with Giuliani and Barr
Pg 3 Praised fmr Ukraine prosecutor Lutsenko, wanted Zelensky to keep him in position, because Lutsenko had made false claims (now refuted) about Biden and Hunter, WH lawyers were deeply disturbed at Trump behavior, Ukraine had already published a read out of the call on their side in Russian, back when it happened, and that no other investigations were mentioned (refuting Trump new lie that it was a general convo about corruption). In addition, there were 12 WH staff on call, a State Dept rep, and the readout of call had been provided to w.b. and other intel officials. Cover up, multiple US senior officials revealed senior WH officials intervened to lock down the call contents by placing them on a different, highly secure server, as instructed by WH lawyers
Pg 4 More about the lock down of call details; normally call transcripts were placed in location xxx on a server, but this call’s details were moved to location yyy on a different server normally reserved for highly top secret issues. On July 26 one day after call, 2 US Reps (Ukraine and EU Ambassador) met with Zelensky. Readouts of the meeting said that they advised Zelensky how to navigate Trump demands. On Aug 2, Giuliani met with Zelensky advisor in Madrid to further discuss demands. Giuliani reached out to several other Zelensky advisors on the same.
Pg 5 Background starting in March 2019 that precipitated these actions. Re/Lutsenko alleging that it was Ukraine on behalf of DNC who had interfered in 2016 election (lol, Manafort), bashing US Amb to Ukraine (of course it’s a woman), more Biden and Hunter conspiracy talk, Lutsenko wanting to speak directly with AG Barr, all this leading up to Ukraine election, where Zelensky was leading in the polls against his rival, and that Lutsenko was behind the rival
Pg 6 Giuliani met with Lutsenko in Jan 2019 and Feb 2019. Apr 2019, the US Amb to Ukraine had been recalled. She was fired because she knew Lutsenko was corrupt, and because she wasn’t aligned with Trump. May 2019 Giuliani was to travel to Ukraine for Trump and publicly stated it was re/Biden and Hunter. Outcry stopped the trip, Giuliani claimed it was because Zelensky was surrounded by enemies of Trump. [May 11 is when I recall article that quoted Trump wanting to investigate Biden]
Pg 7 US envoy had to do damage control over Giuliani, Ukrainian leadership were led to believe a meeting or call with Trump depended on their willingness to play ball, Giuliani met with more Ukraine officials, Trump told [George ABC interview] that Yes he would accept damaging info from foreign nation of opponent, Giuliani still pushing Biden and Clinton conspiracies
Pg 8 Appendices and more footnotes
Pg 9 Appendices and more footnotes, the most notable being suspension of $$$ aide to Ukraine in July, prior to and surrounding the July 25 call

Ok on to segment summaries,
Plays clip. Maguire says the whistleblower did the right thing. WaPo Amber Phillips joins by live feed. W.b. has direct access to WH, had access over several months. Joy asks about Maguire, he gets urgency, so he gets second opinion from WH. Maguire says he was following the rules [but he wasn’t]. Maguire went to WH and DOJ (and FBI!). Normal w.b. doesn’t implicate Potus or AG.

Abby wants to take out the politics, moral compass still missing. How do you go from abuse to crime to impeachable. Amber says Congress doesn’t need to connect crime to impeachment, that’s not the Constitutional definition of high crimes and misdemeanors. MM blah blah. Wants to know if partisanship detracts from the complaint. Amber repeats that w.b. acted in good faith, and followed the laws. Joy says Pelosi is following a narrow scope impeachment inquiry. Amber says she talked to someone in the House during Clinton scandal, calls it impeachment-lite. Normally there would be a committee, this House person wonders why there isn’t dedicated staff and lawyers.

[No, there doesn’t need to be a special committee, there are already 6 committees going through due diligence. The House Intel Committee (Schiff) is taking the lead; No they are not taking the 2-week break. Also Pelosi hired Douglas Letter in December 2018 as House General Counsel: 40 years at DOJ under Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. Highly respected at DOJ, but retired in March 2018 in disgust over Trump. I know Ontd doesn’t like her, but she knows what she’s doing. Impeachment sprint on Ukraine only, tidy, easy to understand, possible vote by end of year. Polls supporting action jumped +10 pts since the weekend, across most surveyors.

Hot Topic Pence 46 Thrown Under Bus

I know y’all chuckle but I’m still saying something is up with Mother Karen starting her own personal twitter in Aug 2019 and making her first tweet the day WaPo dropped w.b. news 😉 But Pence 46 is same bad less crazy pants

Plays clip. Says VP Pence had conversations, too. Joy wonders if TRE45ON was awake. Whoopi is like, he threw Pence under the bus. MM says he has to feel the pressure. She brings up Ivanka tweet (fuck her). Says it feels different to a lot of people, was there quid pro quo. Joy brings up Cohen and how TRE45ON speaks in code e.g. Godfather movie, quotes a film line. MM mocks Joy but Joy reminds it wasn’t unprecedented. Abby says blah blah. Talks about the country isn’t in a good place, look for the money. Brings up Maguire, says her heart broke for him, he was on the job 4 days, he was uncomfortable, says he didn’t do anything wrong. [Yes he did, he was supposed to send over to Congress, not send the evidence to the suspects, fucking hell]. MM says she doesn’t trust Schiff. Whoopi says she doesn’t trust any of them.

Abby brings up Nunez [who sued twitter because a fake cow hurt his fee-fees]. She rails about GOP not stepping up and saying country over party. Whoopi talks about historical potus behavior, we know what shouldn’t be done. She has a rant. Joy reminds that Maguire says the w.b. was a responsible guy. Brings up Linda Tripp, MM mocks Joy again [open a damn history book sis how do you not know these references]. Whoopi says Mitch was in shock, he didn’t know either why the money (that was approved) didn’t go as planned. Whoopi says as soon as Trump stops talking to you, then you’re out.

Hot Topic Star Wars

I like Star Wars as much as the next person but this was stupid. They put Whoopi in a booth with each seat number on a paper, the air blew, she caught one, that seat number won a trip to Disney.

Hot Topic Honoring Cesar Chavez for Hispanic Heritage Month

He was an American labor leader and Latino American civil rights activist. Along with Dolores Huerta, he co-founded the National Farm Workers Association, later renamed the United Farm Workers (UFW) union.

Click to read more about Cesar Chavez career

Ontd please spam with cute animal photos thanks

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