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YouTube star Liza Koshy plays the Generation game . " GMA 3: Strahan,Sara, & Keke"

- YouTube star Liza Koshy came on the show to discuss her show" Liza on demand" that has 25 million subscribers.

- Liza jokes that people thought she was Cardi B and congratulated KeKe on" Hustlers" says she got the idea for her show, where she works as a tasker, when she moved and didn't have a box cutter for her boxes. She found someone who did it for her.

- Keke partner with Liza for the" Generation Challenge" where each generation picks questions for the other.

- Sara and Strahan asked who played John Mclain in " Die Hard". KeKe got it right.

- Keke asked what IYKYK stand for. Strahan and Sara don't get it.

-Who wrote and directed the iconic 80's movies " Sixteen Candles" " Breakfast Club" and " Pretty in Pink". Keke says she knows this man and that he is from Chicago. The audience gives the name and when it's brought up that she didn't get the name on her own she says she knew where he was from. Her viral meme is mentioned.

-Liza ask what is the name of the beloved teacher on " Boy meets world," Sara knows Topanga, but they don't get it

-What was the name of the hit sitcom starring Tim Allen in the 90's . Keke gets it.

-Keke calls this question an olive branch. Name Two members of Migos. One is named.

- The type of car that was used for a time machine in " Back to the future" Keke gets it.


Ontd: When was the last time you experienced a generation gap?


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