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D'Arcy Carden's Emmy Diary + W Mag Shoot

Everyone's favorite Janet D'Arcy Carden kept an Emmys diary for Bustle. You can read the full entry at the source, but here are some highlights:

- She got a facial in the morning, but skipped Pilates in favor of hanging out with her husband and her dog, Penny.
- Got ready for the Emmys with her The Good Place co-star Kristen Bell and their glam teams at a hotel in DTLA (which is near the theater where the Emmys are hosted).
- Was cocky about the amount of time she had to get ready, but needed some last minute adjustments and ended up running about 30 minutes late to the carpet.
- Talks about how hot the carpet was, and how everyone waiting for pics has blotting tissues and towels to keep from looking sweaty.
- Ran into coworkers from both The Good Place and Barry, and Bill Hader introduced her to Sam Rockwell. Ended up sitting next to costar Manny Jacinto, behind the cast of Succession.
- Hit up the Governor's Ball, HBO's party at the Pacific Design Center and Amazon's party at the Chateau Marmont.
- Her heels hurt her feet after a long day, but she brought backup Chucks for the afterparties.
Her Emmys look.
D'Arcy + Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen.
Doing E's glam cam.
Her husband and her dog Penny

- She's a skilled improvisor, but says that most of her lines on The Good Place and Barry end up on screen as written. She improvised often on Broad City, though.
- Lost her mind a bit while doing the "Janets" episode of TGP, mostly because she really wanted to get it right and had to act opposite a bunch of poles representing the other Janets.
- Plays Janet a bit like a teenager who is going through puberty and learning about the world.
- Uses her inner over-eager theater kid to play Natalie (her character from Barry), and D'Arcy says that theater kid is basically right below the surface.
- Her version of the good place would involve all of her friends and family, and concerts with huge perfomers at small venues, where she doesn't have to deal with StubHub or parking. (the dream!!)
- Everyone on The Good Place was hoping for five or six seasons, and they were all bummed when Mike Schur told them it was ending with season four. But now that they know how it ends, they all think it's perfect and fitting; D'Arcy says it made her look at life differently.
- Although her career blowing up seems sudden, she's been working at acting for years, and advises the reader to not worry about being on a timetable.

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What other things in life, aside from red carpets, are a bit less glamorous than they appear?
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