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'This Is Us' Creator on Season 4's New Characters

The fourth season premiere of This Is Usintroduced three major new characters.
3 storylines about characters the audience had never met before converged with the Pearsons at the end.

[Spoiler (click to open)]
• Jennifer Morrison is a military veteran at a support group where present-day Nicky gets in trouble for throwing a chair through the window.
She will play a big part in Kevin's story moving forward and obviously Nicky's. 

• Asante Blackk is a teen in Randall's new home of Philadelphia who connects with Deja at a barbecue. 
Interesting stuff coming that deals with perception, it deals with class, it deals with race.
Stuff coming that is so romantic between these two. 

• Blake Stadnik is a far-future version of newborn baby Jack, it was revealed at the end of the premiere he was born without sight.
Kate's son was born prematurely, and retinopathy is more common in premature babies.
It was important to find an actor who was both blind in real life and a talented singer. 
The rest of the flash-forwards in the first part of the season will go back to Rebecca's death bed.

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