CELEBS REACT: Democrats to Announce Impeachment Inquiry Today / UPDATE: INQUIRY ANNOUNCED

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Itshappening.gif! House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will (allegedly) announce an impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump this afternoon around 5pm EST as a result of the new allegations from a whistleblower that Trump brought up investigating former Vice President Joe Biden and his son to the newly elected Ukranian president. FYI, a President asking a foreign leader to intervene to dig up dirt on a political rival is generally frowned upon. Calls for impeachment have escalated, with 158 160 161 163 Democratic House members now all in agreement.

Even though (thanks in part to Turtle Mitch and general GOP fuckery) impeachment would fail in the Senate, the House would be able to engage in much more thorough investigations and hold (hopefully televised) public hearings into all of his shadiness. OP recently listed to a podcast about the Nixon impeachment, and the televised hearings were a huge part of what caused his support to plummet and his eventual resignation. There's also something to be said about forcing Republican representatives to take a stance one way or the other (though lbr, we know how they'll vote and it won't be for impeachment).

UPDATE as of 5:05pm EST: Speaker Pelosi has officially announced a formal impeachment inquiry into Donald Trump!

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