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The Midsommar May Queen

Michelle Williams Responds to Trolls Attacking Her for Michelle Williams' Emmy Speech

Following Michelle Williams' earnest speech asking for pay equality for women and especially women of color, certain types of people have apparently found something to be offended about. Unfortunately, white Michelle Williams is not on social media, so those losers have taken to attacking Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child, who is not having it.

Michelle addressed the mix of accolades and insults with “I’m so sorry my namesake upset you, but can’t you see that I’m black?!”

The singer added regarding the actress, “I stand beside Michelle Williams on her speech, okay? She was beautiful, she was brilliant. She played Gwen Verdon to a tee. She was awesome. Now get it right, and stop cussing me out.”

So the trolls upset over Michelle Williams...asking for pay equality for women of color almost took Michelle Williams out of her peace but she would not let them. That's what's happening today.

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Tags: award show - emmys, celebrity social media, michelle williams
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