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The View: Bob Iger, Emmys, Hot Topics

Bob Iger, Chairman and CEO of Disney, previously President ABC

Bob Iger talks about being self-made, risk-taking, Black Panther, Retirement, Disney+ Streaming Service. He is promoting his book The Ride of a Lifetime.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
Started his career in 1974 as a studio supervisor. Talks about starting out at the bottom, his ambition, her career trajectory. Grew up middle class, father suffered from manic depression and had trouble holding a job. Family background was risky but he’s not afraid to take risks himself. Had great mentors. If you only protect the status quo, then you don’t get anywhere, and he believed in himself. He backed out of the deal to buy Twitter (what?). He had board approval and advisement, but ultimately didn’t feel it was the right fit for the Walt Disney company to take over the responsibility [of the social media platform].

Sunny talks about MCU and Black Panther in particular. Iger talks about his reasons for making sure no matter what that BP got made. Says this that and the other good things about why it was important to him. Whoopi makes a plug for Sister Act back in the day, don’t assume a foreign audience won’t like a film because xyz. Good story, good characters, all audiences want that. Joy moves to retirement. Says he’s 68 yrs old, still feels young and energetic, seems like time. She wonders how he will adjust, he says I’m Going to Disneyland (hahahah). Photo of Iger and wife. MM brings up Disney+ which launches November 12 Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic. Some original programming as well.

[Hmm he’s not a bad looking daddy guy, seems mild-mannered and nice, Ontd will now explain why he’s not 😃]

Hot Topic TRE45ON

TRE45ON admits he talked to Ukrainian President Zelensky about VP Biden and his son.

Jon Karl ABC explains the whole crux of foreign collusion to impact the 2020 election. $250M in aide was being withheld at the same time. Per WSJ, in eight separate occasions, TRE45ON urged Zelensky to open investigation on his (perceived) greatest 2020 opponent. Big show down because the whistleblower was within the intelligence community but the complaint was about someone outside the intelligence community (eg Tr/mp). Pelosi has given until Thursday of this week for the whistleblower complaint details, and the phone transcripts, to be turned over.

Sunny wants to know the veracity of complaints about Hunter Biden. Karl outlines Hunter’s previous business involvement, it’s already been debunked but Abby points out, oh the irony re/TRE45ON and Traitor Tot and Jarvanka. Joy points out there are 87 conflict of interests with grifter TRE45ON across the globe. It’s 2016 all over again, except in plain sight. [Hunter’s firm worked with Burisma in Ukraine, no evidence that Hunter did anything illegal, and no indication then-VP Biden took action on his behalf. MM tries to debunk and wonders How Big Is This. Karl points out this is really different, TRE45ON bringing it up with a newly elected foreign leader is unprecedented. So who cares who is the whistleblower or what they heard or how they found out, TRE45ON has admitted it on live tv, now the admin is blocking everything. Some of WH is saying release the transcript, but whatever, they’ve gone from No Collusion to All Collusion All the Time.

[Remember that TRE45ON even said to George Snuffleupagus in interview that he’d want to hear opposition info from a foreign nation, after Mueller report spelled out that this was abuse of power and unethical and illegal].

Hot Topic Billy Porter Makes Emmy History

[Segment is about multiple key moments]
Billy Porter is the first openly gay man to win a best actor award. Michelle Williams made an impassioned speech for equal pay, especially for woc. Plays clip. Sunny liked seeing Jharrel Jerome for his win. First Afro-Latino to be nominated and win, and for a lead. MM liked Alex Borstein and her speech about grandmother surviving the Holocaust. Joy didn’t watch. Some quick cross talk about no hosts. Sunny also liked watching the fashion, loved Zendaya. Whoopi was so glad to see Billy win, so much closer to becoming an EGOT [Emmy Grammy Oscar Tony], only missing Oscar.

Competitive EGOT winners: Richard Rodgers, Helen Hayes, Rita Moreno, John Gielgud, Audrey Hepburn, Marvin Hamlisch, Jonathan Tunick, Mel Brooks, Mike Nichols, Whoopi, Scott Rudin, Robert Lopez, John Legend, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Tim Rice
(List doesn’t include EGOT obtained with special or honorary awards)

Hot Topic Do You Give the Silent Treatment

Woman wrote to Daily Mail advice column, saying her husband gives her the silent treatment if they argue, now that their kids are grown and gone. Abby says she has something beside the bed that says “Don’t go to bed angry” but she doesn’t like to speak in the moment in case she says something emotional that she’ll regret later. Says that the silent treatment is misleading because it assumes they know why you’re mad, panel agrees. Joy says silent treatment can pay off, wants her next marriage to be a monk. Sunny says she used to hold back for same Abby reason, but doesn’t do it anymore because her husband said it was torture. MM says she’s not like that, she says what she says, everyone knows exactly where she stands in the moment (yes, we know). Whoopi holds up sign, giving panel the silent treatment (it was a standard time’s up, going to commercial message)

Hot Topic Honoring Desi Arnaz for Hispanic Heritage Month

Click to read about Desi Arnaz career

Ontd do you give the silent treatment and then talk about it? Or the silent treatment then never talk about it? Or do you have it out right then?

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