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Love After Lockup 3.6 "Inmate Affairs, Adult Adoption, and Millennial Clownery, Oh My" Recap

- Lying Ass Tony probably ain't no damn fugitive and is probably chilling in the halfway house. Angela and her French manicure just needs to read the fucking room and realize he don't want ha. She decides to enlist the help of her BFF who is in love with her to find her "boyfriend"
- Do federal agents call girlfriends or was that an employee of Sharp Productions?
- we have a new couple of dumbasses (Glorietta and Alex). OP screamed when his pic came up. Inmates, please, OP implores you - you have all the time in the world to master your angles
- dis woman's eyebrows and her wedding planning book
- Daniel and Lizzy sound like a real genuine trainwreck and with their families not liking each other is not great. They fuck on a trailer park laundry room floor which might be worse than the woods
- Rock of Love Doppelgänger and Malicious Wounder with Good Intentions look like a cheap 2003 couple on the beach who dream of Hummers and Sky Tops. Basically they look like an old MTV True Life episode
- OP honestly thinks Shane might be telling the truth of his crime and if true, get him Shane
- Quesadilla Calzone Vince is not understanding that Amber wants to be with Puppy *whispers into the daisy field: "Rise Pupamber"*
- He wants to adopt her and adopted Puppy and that's completely fucked. He ain't doing for the money y'all - theys gonna be skin suits. Also Sling Blade just casually rolled off the tongue he was frauding the govment
- So Daniel should fucking apologize about stealing from his fucking family and yes Lizzie, they have every right to know where their damn shit went
- Doppelganger Daisy tells Shane she's seeing another inmate


This episode is brought to you by saying judgmentally someone has a drinking problem and then saying you're not being judgmental
Tags: arrest / arrest warrant, reality show, you in danger
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