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Jameela Jamil, Natasha Lyonne, Ruby Rose cover "Glamour"

- Natasha Lyonne, Jameela Jamil ,and Ruby Rose cover "Glamour's" annual tv issue.

--Jamil on the Kardashians" I don't hate those girls, I just want them to stop selling laxatives, and then I will get off their d**k. That's all I'm trying to do. I'm not trying to attack anyone. But if you have a lot of power and influence and money, and you're using yours irresponsibly, and other people aren't aware that they are being sold a lie, I'm gonna step on that d**k".

- On activism and learning" "I'm calling people out in the same way that I've been called out. I don't sit there and play the victim if I've done something wrong. I just take that as an opportunity to learn. I'm not trying to get anyone cancelled.

- on criticism. Jamil rejects the idea that it is unfeminist for a woman to call out another woman. Jamil" you're not called anti-male if you criticize Kanye West or T***p and your a man. It's quite condescending to imagine that women can't take any criticism. And it's dangerous because without criticism, we never know how to improve". We all need criticism, and I've received it, and I've taken it on board, and it made me a better woman. It made me a better feminist. This is why I call myself a feminist in progress, because I never feel I'm fully defined. I'm not fully formed. I'm always going to have new stuff to learn".

- Natasha lyonne on turning 40. Lyonne -"Go f**k yourself. Let me live my life . I maintain that one out of 5,000 people should have a child. to me, that would be more statiscally more sane. "It's not that I'm inherently averse to children, although maybe I am. I admire greatly all my friends who have kids.But one of the reliefs about turning 40 is people starting to back off"." I'm keenly aware that I'm getting older. I'm very into it. I'm much happier on this side. I would say the underlying anxiety experienced around turning 40 is just looming mortality.It,s emboldening me to really do the things I want to do before it's too late".

_Lyonne was estranged from her parents during her drug addiction during the early aughts where in 2005 she was hospitalized for a collapsed lung , hepatitis c , and an ifection that required open heart surgery. her friend Chole Sevigny was the executor of her estate at the time.

- Lyonne works frequently behind the scenes as directer or producer of projects with her close female friends, like Amy Poehler,and Maya Rudolph to, in part, spend more time with them. Lyonne" We're slowly relizing that, since were no longer teenagers, we cant just hang out, people have children and lives and stuff, so if we can find a way to work together, we'll get to spend more time together that's not just, Lets meet for lunch three times a year".

- Lyonne says her boyfriend of four years Fred Armisen is a caretaker , like Sevigny. she says "Russian Doll" was always set up for 3 seasons and she is reading a lot about quantum physics. Lyonne" I have not actually broken through the space -time continuuum" she quips " but life can feel like a strange loop where, no matter what we do, we can't get out of our own way".

_ Ruby Rose became famous as a vj in Australia in 2007 and was overwhelmed by her fame"It started great. Australia was when I got a good taste of what it was like to be in the papers everday. but people get sick of you. you're in the daily newspaper getting a coffee, and people are like, "She's such an attention seeker, getting her coffee!When all that was happening, I was getting frustrated at always having my sexuality be part of it, like ,you never say ," the heterosexual DJ. That's bizarre.But I relized that if I had to deal with that being really annoying for 10 years, then maybe someone else wouldn't have to."

_ People did not want her for the role as Batman's cousin Kate Kane in the new " Batwoman" series, due in part to the chraecter being of jewish heritage and Rose's acting ability. Rose" I didn't think people would care that I was cast. but on my deathbed, I'm not going to be like, " I really wish that more people, strangers on the internet that I didn't know, liked me"

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