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The View: Margaret Atwood, Meghan Mood, Hot Topics

Panel today is Joy, Abby, Ana, Sunny, Meghan (Whoopi is filming The Stand the rest of this week)

Guess what? Chicken butt!
Also Me-again has a temper tantrum (Whistleblower segment)

Margaret Atwood

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian poet, novelist, literary critic, essayist, inventor, teacher, and environmental activist. She’s the author of The Handmaids Tale and Alias Grace (among others). THT was adapted for Hulu series. AG was adapted for Netflix series. She has a new book out, The Testaments.

Summary of conversation [Spoiler (click to open)]
She wrote The Handmaids Tale in 1985 and based it on real events, but relocated it to Cambridge MA. Sunny asked where was this happening, Atwood says, which century, even now, which state before Roe v Wade, which state even now. Feels women are being conscripted. Sunny wonders if we’re moving towards Gilead. Atwood says in some places no (Ireland) and in some places Yes. Every autocratic, authoritarian, totalitarian regime rolls back women’s rights.

Abby talks about the show on Hulu, says it’s very dark but she felt very motivated to fight for women’s rights. They talk about the phenomenon in America, started in TX. Dressing like the characters has become a symbol of women’s bodies being controlled by men. MM brings up new book. Atwood says it’s 15-16 yrs. after THT. Three women are key roles. One only knew Gilead, can’t read or write. One only knew freedom (e.g. Canada from the story). One was an elder in Gilead (Aunt Lydia). Joy shifts to climate change, which is integrated in the book. Atwood talks about domino effect, starting with effects of deprived oxygen effect on the brain.

[Watch Alias Grace if you haven’t seen it]

Hot Topic Crazy Rudy Giuliani Proves Whistleblower Scandal = Fact

Short version:
TRE45ON is extorting Ukraine to get dirt on Biden to help TRE45ON win election in return for military support. Meanwhile, AG Barr and his corrupt DOJ are blocking the acting-DNI and IG from revealing to Congress (per legal protocol) the nature of the whistleblower details. No worries, they’ll leak anyway. But also, screw this corrupt admin.

Chris Cuomo and Rudy Giuliani interview was a whole other level of crazy

[Click for Shot, chaser]
Shot, chaser

Tweet Tweet

Ana thinks it’s a replay of 2016 where they wanted dirt on HRC, and that they’re afraid of Biden, and that Tr/mp can’t run a campaign without foreign help. Giuliani is cray cray. Might be a distraction, but RG is actually involved. Sunny brings up pg. 93 and pg. 110 of Mueller report, talks about George Papadapadingalong and getting dirt on Hillary. Impeachment is a constitutional duty, must tell Tr/mp this is an abuse of power. Before they claimed ignorance, now with Biden, this is a pattern. Abby is hedging on the theories of what this is really about. If it is true, he should be impeached, because this is a direct violation. But otherwise this is a blown up story with no fact (um, we have facts).

MM struggling with the same thing, thinks Assange is the same as an internal National Security Council whistleblower [Egad they are not the same at all]. All election interference from foreign nations is bad. More blah blah about Assange. Ana returns to sanity, there needs public pressure for admin to not obstruct. Ana goes off, but in a coherent way (whereas MM trips over her words when she loses her cool). Panel turns into a shouty over talk mess. [Joy should moderate better]. Ana tells MM don’t scream at her, she’s two feet away. Bloop /end segment.

[Watch Me-again walk off set during commercial break and then the audience reaction]
Watch Me-again walk off set during commercial break and then the audience reaction


Hot Topic Sexy Mr. Rogers for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner! A lot of costumes try to be sexy. Shows photos of sexy Mr. Rogers. Abby feels this is blasphemy, how dare they sully Mr. Rogers. Recommends watching his documentary. Sunny says Halloween is such a landmine, someone always steps in it, she goes to places and all she sees are sexy-this, sexy-that. MM talks about sexy-Ebola. Ana shows her (pretend) costume (funny photo). Joy says Mr. Rogers =/= Mother Theresa, panel is not happy with this! MM liked being able to have a day where she could dress sexy, figures there are lots of photos of her looking sl/tty. Sunny says 62% of parents are tired of seeing these sexy costumes plus it’s often cold on Halloween. Abby was an M&M but MM calls her out, Abby was also a sexy-GI Joe and a sexy-French Maid.

We need theemii to weigh in on this costume debate! Only 41 days until Halloween!

Hot Topic Mind Numbing Conversation on Masculinity

Two celebrities gave very different takes on masculinity
. Brad Pitt recently said masculinity needs to be overhauled
. Fantasia recently said men in the family need to be leaders, men are kings, women are queens

Ana and her friends in the audience are shaking their head Noooo. Abby says we stereotype so much that we give men a bad rap, not all men are bad, not all women are good [not the point of this topic]. Joy says they all have good marriages, not talking about husbands re/bad men. Ana brings up when Pitt confronted HW in 1995 and said if he ever made his g/f feel uncomfortable again, he’d come after him. Sunny thinks Fantasia was talking about emasculating men. In her home, they have certain roles, it’s a partnership, it works for them. Sunny adds another remark that Fantasia said, (paraphrased) that sometimes women get in a relationship and it doesn’t work because they’re trying to be the man, that Fantasia didn’t word it well, but that was her message. MM goes back to Pitt, brings up his role in Fight Club [what?], wants to correlate that role, re/how did Pitt feel about his character in light of his recent statement, which she says the movie was about men who felt so oppressed by society that they were in these fight clubs.

If you never saw Fight Club and don’t mind spoiler, then here is the plot

Hot Topic When Your Friend is a Bad Cook

Woman wrote in to Dear Prudence, says her friend’s cooking made her sick 2x. For future invites, how would you handle it. Woman also has a peanut allergy. [It wasn’t clear if the peanut allergy was the cause of illness, or only another factor]. Panel discusses liquid dinner, bring a case of wine, don’t have to eat. More talk about making a bad dinner. Panel moves on to peanut allergies and how they’re more prevalent today, possibly due to antibiotics effects. Abby mentions craving steak while she was pregnant, wanting iron, shows photo of teeny burnt steak, but she was eating for three!

Hot Topic Honoring Justice Sonia Sotomayer for Hispanic Heritage Month

Click to read about Justice Sonia Sotomayer

Ontd what will you be wearing for Halloween this year?

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